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November 26, 2010

Banquet Hall (Residential)

This is the hall I've built for a medieval banquet.
You can find the pictures in my album (Lama's Medieval Album II).
I've done the hall only, you have to add the rest of the building yourself. ;)
The lot was built with the following EPs installed:
NL, Uni, OfB, Pets, Seasons
Info: It's not required for my lots, but  for realistic lighting I recommend Gunmod's Radiance Light System here and here! 

Included objects
Catacombs Wall Torch by BeOSBoxBoy
Medieval Candelabra by SimsConnection (closed)
Crescent Arch Column (SimWardrobe) recolour by Sherabim
Armchair, Hanging Candle Lamp by HugeLunatic
Horizontal Columns by HugeLunatic
Vaulted Ceiling by TheJim07

Required PAY objects
Bedroom 03 Fireplace ("Medieval")
Alchemy Lab Table 3x1 ("Medieval") by SimsDesignAvenue

1 comment:

Sunni said...

This is beautiful Ingrid...I just love your Banquet images.