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January 23, 2011

The Folly of Kings -- War!

Before I move on to Amy's recolour request, this is the last set that I alluded to in my last upload .... and because Eva said so. (wink,wink). This set consists of 50 illuminations depicting various medieval battle scenes. To flatter the ego of kings, they are large paintings to be displayed in a king's medieval hall ... a testament to his might and power plus it didn't hurt to stroke the king's vanity back in those days. Staves off the dreaded command -- "Off with their heads"!
Original Sized painting Photobucket
Large two-storied painting PhotobucketPhotobucket
Extra Large two-storied painting PhotobucketPhotobucket
The Full Set of Images
As always, remember you can delete the files/images you don't like as the names are the same.
These use the fabulous meshes created by Julsfels (link to her guestbook if ya wanted to say Thanks). Antique Painting Mesh -- Wall High, Antique Painting Mesh - Two-Story Large and Extra Large. Meshes not included.
Download Folly of Kings -- War!.
Now! .... on to Princess Amy's request!! Wish me Luck! She picked a good one! (heeheehee!)
And just a side-note, today I became the proud papa of two 6 month old kittens ... sisters actually. Addie and Adelle! I adopted them from the local cat shelter! I'm so excited!


Anonymous said...

50, wow! Thanks Walter! And congrats on the new kittens!

By the way, is Amy's request by any chance to recolour SimAges' tester bed? If so, I'm looking forward to seeing the result :D

Wawa said...

Sim Ages!?! Damn ... I was looking at the wrong mesh! *begins opening his SimAges files

Anonymous said...

Well, hey, hold on, I don't know what she asked you to recolour! All I know is that she posted a request for the SimAges antique tester bed to be recoloured at GoS, and that that request disappeared shortly after.

Wawa said...

LOL! It's just that I was trying to figure out what to do with textures for another mesh ... for days now! Looking at the mesh for the Sim Ages bed ..... Oh Man! The possibilities are exciting! It's gonna be so easy to do. I could've had a ton of them made by now. LOL! But, I'll start tomorrow .... *neeeeeds sleep!

Lama said...

Phoar, you're not travelling light.
Again you unpacked your trunk to present us with a huge batch of fantastic recols. I think it's time for me to build a stately hall for all these masterpieces!

Meshy said...

Fan-Freaking-Tactic! Thank you! These Meshes are some of my favorites and it's so nice to have SO MANY Medieval recolors for them!

P.S. Congrats on the kitties!

Anonymous said...

It's did disappear in a matter of minutes because apparently I didn't put in images in the topic.

LOL, glad someone mentioned it was the bed I wanted, haha. But in any case these are great, I can't wait to see what you do with the tester beds! Thanks Walter ;)

felicitations said...

I'm just dying to know where you find all of these images! Do you have a single source or do you just find them scattered around the web?