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January 05, 2011

Medieval Collection Icons

This is for folks, who prefer to keep things organized in their games.
I bring to you a set of Collection Icons, so you can put your medieval CC into labeled folders. They will show up in buy and build mode, when you're creating a new collection.

NOTE: Don't put these icons in your Downloads folder, but here:
EA Games\TheSims2\Collections\Icons

In case there is no "Icons" folder, put them in the "Collections" folder.
Start the game and it will generate an Icons folder automatically.
All collection icons belong in there.
Make sure, there are no subfolders in the Icons folder.
If there is a subfolder, take its content out and place it directly in the Icons folder.

Download German Icons

 If you can think of any other labels, just let me know and I will add some more.

Download "Buttery" and "Barrel"


Wawa said...

These are gonna come in handy I can tell ya!!

magdalenetol said...

Ahhh... Sweet sweet organization!Thanks a million for these Lama. Any chance you could add an icon for the likes of beverages or butteries or even just barrels? I'd be ever so grateful if you would.

Lama said...

You're welcome, magdalenetol.
I added "Barrel" and "Buttery".

Charlene de Vries said...

I love your icon collection, I'm curious how on earth ya did it with the readings though. If I try to make my own icons with words on it they become unreadable when I resize the image.
I'm trying to sort my items per room, from medieval. I saw you got Buttery and Barrel are you planning to make the others too?
Here are some suggestions; Great Hall, Throne Room, Solar (medieval bedroom), Lavatory (medieval toilet), Wardrobe (medieval clothing room), Pantry (medieval storage room), Chapel, Dungeon, Bailey (court yard), Accomodations (servants and soldiers rooms).

I was also wondering if you could make icons for several medieval buildings like tavern, inn, blacksmith, candleshop, butcher, bakery, Alchemist lab, stables, jousting, Market and Merchant.

Ofcourse I can understand when you are fairly busy and I know these are many suggestions. So If you could explain to me how you made the icons readable I'd be sure to give ya a hand :)

Lama said...

Hi Charlene! How on earth did I do these icons? There's no secret about this - it's just, that I do them original size (28x22, width x height). First I create the tiny background and then I place the names in Photoshop. I could do your suggested themes, but I don't know how long this would take me, since I'm in the middle of making an object set and don't find much time for all of this. Check back in some days and see, if I posted or not! Then you will have to try it by yourself ;)

Charlene de Vries said...

Thnx for responding so fast. No worries about the time, I'm not in a hurry. I have tried my luck at creating some icons myself, they look very primitive and sort of crappy but they're reconizable haha. I'll use those for the time being untill you've had the time to make some then I'll replace them.

Thnx a lot in advance :D Is it a medieval object set btw? ^^

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible, to Add King,Queen,Lady,Lord,& Peasant? I'm trying to orginize my CAS & these 5 Icons would be extremely helpful.

There's no rush, and I understand completely that you are busy! Any time you get the chance would be wonderful.

Thank You

Lama said...