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May 13, 2011

South of Normandy- Series #2

Big update today with this series, not so much as the amount of lots, but the size of them. Today I present to you- The Norman Family Estate, and the Castle de Boulogne. One is intended for your patricians and knights- or those of the middle class. The other is intended obviously for your nobility.
The upper pictures are obviously of the larger Castle de Boulogne, the two below are of the smaller Norman Family Estate. The Castle is very large, and not recommended for people with slow or older computers. No, it has nothing to do with the actual castle museum that still stands in that city today, or anything that once was there. Boulogne is just a title, as it was built it for my Countess of Boulogne, Matilda, (the usurper King Steven's wife.) It has more rooms than I bothered to count, plus a smaller back house suitable for children or a family member of importance. A large kitchen, several towers and amble gardens are all yours, in addition there is plenty of room in case you want to add a veggie garden or orchards, a small pond or veranda. As usual, I have left those decisions up to you, but have provided the basic furnishings.
The Norman Family Estate boasts several large rooms, a courtyard and side yard for gardening, plus a good sized kitchen and grand dining room for entertaining. Your sims will have plenty of room to live their life in comfortable elegance.
Currently in my game a knight of Marseille resides here with his wife and son. Please see Post #1 for items included in the download, which are included in almost all of my lots of this series. In addition you will find:
Floor by Sarah (I'm not sure of the link)
Various Maxis Recolors
Enjoy! If anyone has any requests, I'm still building this series so you can make them in the comments section. :)
(7/12 fixed link)


Meshy said...

Holy crap! These are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These lots look really nice, but the download link never works for me. Is there any way you could re-upload? Thanks!

Lama said...

I sent notification to child-of-air.

child_of_air said...


Frying Dragons said...

I love these lots, but every time I try to download them it gives me the Northumbria #3 set instead...

Lama said...

Actually it's the link to set #5.
I will let Amy know, hoping she can fix it soon.

Frying Dragons said...

Wow. I didn't expect an update so quick. Thank You!