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May 26, 2011

Wawa's Anne Boleyn Necklace with Earrings

Meshy had mentioned in a comment at Medieval Sims - PlumbBob Keep about wanting a necklace like that worn by Anne Boleyn. I found some images of the necklace, but wasn't happy with the actual letter "B" in the picture. I found another one that I liked better .... and all the remaining letters from the alphabet. So I've created "my" version of the Anne Boleyn necklace with a drop-pearl earring. I've also made it available in all the letters from the alphabet.
My version of the "B" necklace
A slideshow of all the letters in the alphabet.
Download Here. Meshes by Lianna included.You will find them under "Glasses". Models are Dione and Victoria from Sugah's Place (some gorgeous Sims there), Mimika by WebBing at Insimenator. Hair and clothes have been changed.


Lama said...

Wawa, the download link takes me to the frontpage of mediafire. Wanted to re-download.

Wawa said...

I fixed it .... ooops .... again!

StephSim said...

I've always loved the idea of that necklace. It's so ghetto fabulous...sportin' a little goldz for sure! Tee hee.

Seriously. I think it's neat to have this recreated for the Sims and AWESOME to actually have an "S" for my Self-Sim! Thanks Walter! :)