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August 17, 2011

Fresh from a Fight

Here comes the dirty version of this clothing set, requested by udt_103.
Stretcher and poses by julsfels.
DOWNLOAD (Mesh not included)
Alternative Download


udt_103 said...

Awesome!! and Excellent!!

I really pity these guys. He was seriously injured.
Thanks so much, Lady Lama.
I always enjoy your recolour!

udt_103 said...

I love this! I love this! I love this!

udt_103 said...

Hello again, lady Lama!

I'm trying to find a stretcher (HYCF List), but was not found. I think I might have missed something...

By the way, from my searching, I've found some link such as : Swan (animated) link was error, and another is :
It just a photo, it's ok, I just to let you know.

Lama said...

Glad you love them!
Not sure when I will do the other four. As for the stretcher, you won't find a link for it, because there is none. The pictured stretcher is by julsfels and she kindly sent it to me, because I once needed it for the Isambour story. Someday, she might upload it to her site (Fairyforest).
I fixed the other two links now, thanks for info!

Heloise said...

Stunning work, as always Ingrid. Thank you for giving us something dirty. I love the realism and the flavor it adds in game.

Anonymous said...

the stretcher, or barrow, is now available on the fairyforest site. There are some awesome things on that site.

Lama said...

Thanks for your info, Anonymous!
I need to update the HYCF page.