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October 01, 2011

Tudor Dress Recolours

Trianon requested a black and a white version of marie fay's Tudor Dress.
Mesh by SussisSoGoodSims is included.
My recolours are made for everyday & formal, while marie fay's are formal only.
Alternative Download


Trianon said...

Oh they are too lovely! Thank u very very much, cant wait to use them! =)

Román said...

Nice recolors Ingrid, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

The dresses look great. Thanks for posting them. I'm having trouble downloading them as it says that the link is broken. Can you fix it?

Lama said...

I just tried the link. It works perfectly for me.

Anonymous said...

It still says that the link is broken :(

Lama said...

I'm sorry, but the link works for me.
Yet, I heard that mediafire acts up lately. Next time you get this problem, try a download link from a different post and see, if that works. If not, then you will know it's a temporary mediafire issue. Try again later.