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December 25, 2011

OFB One Tile Dressers Recolours

StephSim asked for some recolours of two Maxis Dressers, using my Cingath texture.
I made five recolours of "Supreme Cabinet of Lesser Things" 
and two of "Sun King Dresser". Both come with Open For Business. 
You need CEP for Maxis recolours to show.


StephSim said...

These are awesome and because I have a lot that is eagerly waiting for completion without them, I shall download them and get back to building.

Thank you ever so much Ingrid. I am ecstatic you took this on yourself. I appreciate it greatly. :)

I will lovingly use and abuse them in game!


Wawa said...

Nice Job Ingrid!! They turned out to look fantastic .... and here you were worried. Never doubted you could do it. :)

Maerwynn said...

These are very nice!! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful.

G-Knee said...

Ohhh! I love these! You did such a fantastic job!!! Thank you very much!

zburbage5001 said...

Thank you! so great need something like these.

Eva said...

These are gorgeous Ingrid, thanks and merry christmas!