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January 11, 2013

Noble Viking ... well, Noble Something


Another adaptation of Liz' Viking/Russian alpha tunic. This time with a twist!
hriveresse was kind enough to slightly edit the mesh by including her "toga" draping across the bodyshape. (note: there is clipping involved with this new edit when the Simmie is walking etc ..... but it looks DAMN good!!) . Some of the textures were influenced/extracted from another game I own and play. You may have heard of Mount & Blade -- Warband? Fabulous game too. So many fantastic clothing meshes in it. If only I knew how to mesh clothing.
The meshes are included ... showing up in all clothing categories other than "undies". So, you get 128 clothing options and the 2 meshes. I didn't include a swatch with this .... or pictures. (sorry)
Not all the clothing options were photographed. I believe I missed a few, got a wee bit lazy.
Download Noble Viking @Mediafire
Download Noble Viking @Box


Lorene Holderfield said...

I have that game and love it so much! :D I wish there was a tutorial on how to convert clothing from various games to TS2... I wonder how those Asian sites do it! @_@

I love all the textures and colours! They look so rich and--well--noble!

Chicklet said...

Thank you, I love these. I see potential for medieval, Ottoman, and vikings. -Chicklet

Lama said...

An absolutely amazing set, Wawa.
You're talent is to turn ordinairy things into, well, ... gold (in abundance)!

Verity said...

Thanks Wawa, these are so great! Now I just need to reinstall the sims on my new computer so I can try them out :)