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April 19, 2013


In the light of recent events, I want to point to my Terms of Use, which state "... Don't convert any of my stuff for Sims 3! ..."
If you already have converted and uploaded any of my creations for Sims 3, I'm asking you to take it off.
Edit: Same goes for Sims 4.


PlumbbobSam said...

Hmmm... I wonder why you disallow The Sims 2 > The Sims 3 conversions.

Lama said...

My reasons are nobody's business and I don't have to justify my TOU.

The Regal Sim said...

Good thing i didn't start on that chair i asked permission to convert a few months ago.

Hope your doing well lama :)

Lama said...

Hi Tyler,
well, the chair/ throne is a free 3D model and I claim no rights on it. As for the smaller version, I gave you permission to use it and it's okay for me.

Anonymous said...

You take meshes and textures from other internet sources and create a pack. So you think that you can do it such way but another people can't do it ? It's stupid to demand from other dont do this with your works if you do it too with other's.

Lama said...

@Anonymous: The few 3D models I haven't created myself are models from sites, that offer them for free, to use them in what ever way you want. Same with textures. Of course I can claim no rights on these. In fact, I actually don't need to simsify someone else's objects - I can do my own stuff much better!
However, the meshes I create myself usually take a huge amount of work and time. You take things for granted, if you consider my free sharing as a matter of course. You think I have no right on my works and everybody can do with them what they want? You want me to take down my blog?
If you read my policy, you will see that I pretty much do allow everything, except making money with my stuff or convert it to Sims 3.
And here I'm finding me justifying myself, when in fact, I don't have to.
Suckers, please stay away from my blog!

Anonymous said...

Jesus, I would have never guessed that you were such a mean-spirited person (to put it... politely) to snap at most of the comments in the way you did… everyone asked kindly for your reasons and you just went into a full-blown fit. Ugh.

Kathryn said...

As Lama said, it's really none of our business when it comes to her reasons as why she doesn't want her own meshes converted to TS3. I, personally, don't agree with that part of her TOU, but there it is: do not convert her objects to TS3. How hard is it for you people to understand that? If you want to use her things, then start playing TS2 again. It's really that simple.

Lama said...

Thank you, Kathryn.
@Anonymous: If you knew me, you would know that I'm far, far away of being a mean spirited-person. If you knew what I had to experience on said russian forum lately, you would understand my current non-friendly behaviour. I'm in a pissy mood, no, corrected, I was in a pissy mood.
Thanks to people, who know me and helped me with this, I'm the friendly person again.

PlumbbobSam said...

Hi Lady Lama,

Your Terms of Use is pretty brief. It doesn't really say anything about editing objects. I am just wondering, if you would allow editing one of your objects and adding new interactions for them. Maybe make one of the Turner dressers clickable, so Sims can easily change clothes with them. Do ya mind?

Lama said...

Hi PlumbbobSam,
I'm sorry that my TOU wasn't clear on this point - it's not easy to formulate these things. I've now edited it a bit.
About the dressers, I'm not sure what you mean by "making them clickable". They all are functional dressers, aren't they? Whatever, feel free to tweak them to your liking!

Btw, to those who want the "Turner Sets" for Sims 3, simply visit Dough Turners' site and grab his files there and do what you want with them. Just don't skip this step and convert my files. This way I won't complain.