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May 26, 2013

Rockin' the Casbah!

Some recolours of Cynnix' Long Tunic with Wide Sleeves and Buckled Poulaines for Kat (meshes included) ..... about 80 outfits for your Eastern Empire dudes or your Medieval Bros.
 photo 0cf047cb-b938-425f-87fe-5d70f096f855_zps38bc8dc5.jpg
 photo 3149fa67-0428-4ea7-abc3-b4fac5202fc5_zpscc350c0b.jpg
wawa180859's Tunics In UVMapper album on Photobucket

Direct Link to the Album for those with a slower internet connection
Download TM outfits
Download AM outfits
Found in Everyday, Formal, Outerwear and Athleticwear for Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elder Males.


Anna Kross said...

Wow! Your recolors are wonderful! My lords will have more worthy clothes :)
We (I and they) are very grateful to you!

Verity said...

Ohmigosh, these are awesome Wawa! They are going to be perfect for my Talmasians (desert dwelling tribes in my story). Hurray! Thank you :)

Penelope said...

You rock as always, Walter!! <3

Lama said...

Once there lived a taylor, who was gifted with unique talent. He made the most wonderful garments, using the most extraordinairy patterns and materials, to bring colour and joy to medieval times. Kings and queens, lords and ladies came from afar to admire his works and to dress themselves in beauty and splendour.

Great post, Walter! So much variety with just one mesh. Wonderful textures!
Thank you!