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June 29, 2013

Park Your Noble Derriere Here, Milord!

(Also posted at PlumbBob Keep) A conversion from Skyrim and/or the Nexus. I played around with the chair in Milkshape and made a set consisting of a chair, loveseat and sofa that I'm calling ...
The Castle de Lis Furniture
 photo 1247ab50-6b30-4729-9b3d-8edabbe96de2_zpsde235145.jpg  photo b5fc0207-ed93-4c09-bec1-2a4b5d6835df_zpsc40d1f3c.jpg
The Castle de Lis Chair -- with or without seat cushion  photo 4da48d39-2a70-439d-b0ae-ce4100d0b073_zpsab254b8a.jpg 
The Castle de Lis Loveseat  photo 01ff3146-1fef-4c01-969e-3c997795741a_zps5a2cf9da.jpg 
The Castle de Lis Sofa  photo c691a37d-da34-4c8c-80ad-53abb10e2ab7_zpse479089d.jpg
The set comes in 17 different flavours (wood textures) -- with 21 different fabric choices for the seat-cushions or choose the version without seat-cushions, AND with 3 design types for each set! Making all possible combinations a total of ..... Uh Oh, dang, my calculator broke!!
The Wood Swatches!
wawa180859's The Wood Swatches album on Photobucket
(or Link to Album)
The Pillow Swatches
wawa180859's Pillow Swatches album on Photobucket
(or Link to Album)
Teaser of the Three Designs
wawa180859's Designs Teaser album on Photobucket
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The [wawa]MASTERcastle_de_lis_chair-cushion.package is required for all the other meshes and various recolours to work as they are SLAVED to that one file. The MASTER file has one wood texture and all the pillow fabrics included in that one package file. The Meshes The Wood Recolours Design One, Design Two, and Design Three


Anonymous said...

Nicely done.
I'm always a fan of your work.

Mary said...

where did you get the crowns?! I have been waiting for months for crowns like those. However I am still haveing trouble getting into the keep, would it be possible to post them here if they arent already?