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July 06, 2014

Retextures of Yuxi's "Faire Folk Sylvan" Mesh

Three new textures on Yuxi's AMTS3FaireFolkSylvan mesh (with Maxis hands).
Mesh is not included, get it here.


Jannis Vecková said...

great work..:)

Anonymous said...

I am hoping someone can help me (Wawa, perhaps?)

I love these retextures, but I cannot get them to show up in my clothing catalogue. I am sure I have downloaded the right mesh (Yuxi's recolours of the mesh show up, but not Lamas', and I've tried both the Maxis hands and sexy hands mesh).

I would love these outfits for my Northern nobles. Any chance someone can have a loot at them and see if the problem is just me?

~Niam_H (PBK)

Wawa said...

Niam_h, I think you downloaded the armour mesh? The one you should download is the next one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying, Wawa. I have both meshes in my game. I definitely have the Maxis hands mesh in, and all of Yuxi's recolours are showing up, but not Lamas. Has any one else had this problem?

~Niam_h (PBK)