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August 19, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Ingrid and the Smithy

So, today (August 18th) marked the day of my birthday. And when it's my birthday, it also means it's the day that Ingrid first started this blog; The Medieval Smithy. That means presents. Well, to celebrate the two events, I made a new furniture grouping that I am affectionately calling .... The Smithy Suite.
It is all based on Ingrid's medieval table posted here. I had already made a small dining add-on matching the original table after the 18 fantastic recolours created by Fire_Flower at PBK. Then it snowballed into a whole new furniture grouping. Livingroom Chair without/with cushions plus an Endtable
 photo 9ec5b6ff-cc7e-46c0-81dd-359ec067534a_zpsvv4m2kyu.png
Livingroom Loveseat without/with cushions plus the Endtable
 photo 84e1767b-2f4d-40a2-bf28-f1bf6acc8d86_zps6b8rrz2k.png
Livingroom Sofa without cushions
 photo bb29c85e-939c-46e6-bcea-3c1d8354c315_zpsjepf3l7q.png
Livingroom Sofa with cushions
 photo 0c791187-f93b-470e-8d35-faca1060d1a5_zpsyq6yd3ht.png
Plus a fancy Bookcase
 photo 99fe5031-7212-4dfc-88cb-56b9055da266_zps6ruwfw2u.png
An OFB shelf, the Endtable, a Nighttable, a Coffeetable on a 1x1 tile, a Coffeetable on a 2x1 tile, Bedroom Vanity And Two More Shelves based on the Winery Shelves by Sun&Moon with Slots galore  photo d0e8c5fb-fc91-4e70-ae3a-13d9e8294d0a_zpsh9f9dg5x.png
A Doublebed and a Doublebed with Canopy
 photo e021fd33-24e1-4126-8431-ca99478432a7_zpsfuputfpl.png
 photo 8b085a26-c0b6-4ae3-865f-589570ed0b18_zpsyqknaudb.png
And lastly, WawaSim lounging on the Singlebed with the Nighttable, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive
 photo ccf8f5be-8a78-4156-822a-90efadbc61d1_zpsbksfr3ly.png
Of course, the bedding and the cushions for the furniture had to match so I made 22 sets to pick and choose from.

The Bedding and Cushions in a Slideshow
wawa180859's Bedding album on Photobucket
wawa180859's Cushions album on Photobucket

So, remember to grab the original table by Lama as the wood textures are all repositoried to that one mesh. Grab the fantastic recolours by Fire_Flower and then head over to grab all the new meshes at SimsFileShare.
Note:For the bedding and cushion textures to show up in your game, you MUST have the sofa with cushions and the doublebed meshes in your download folder.
I hope you all enjoy the Anniversary present. I hope to continue adding furniture pieces as the days pass.
Happy Anniversary Ingrid!!


Anonymous said...

This set is amazing!!!! I like every item, especially the beautiful bedding. It's so great to have a huge, matching set of furniture. I will definitely get tons of use out of everything. Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary Birthday! Love, Sunni xoxo

Yavanna said...

Wow! This set is just incredibly gorgeous, but could that download system to be a little, um, more compact, because now almost every piece of furniture, re-coloring plus other stuff in this set, have to download one by one, and it goes, the less severe words, an eternity to do that.

However, It may be that download location you've chosen, needs registration that the set could be downloaded as a whole, rather than one at a time.

Still, I thank you for this amazing set that you have done for us to download, because it tells us how damn good and skilful you are. Thank you very much.

Wawa said...

I shall correct that Yavanna. Ooops.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Natal Anniversery, WaWa! And very nice new set plus a great bedding selection. Many thanks for sharing. Greywolf3 from PBK.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday WaWa and Happy Anniversary Ingrid. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful work. It has made my game so much more fun.

Anonymous said...

Now i can use my REC's in more places then the dining room!
Thank you Wawa, have a great anniversary!


Lama said...

Lovely surprise, Wawa, thank you so much for your special creations, which all carry your unique thumbprint on them. Also, a belated Happy Birthday to you, my friend!
I have to admitt, real life made me miss the anniversaries and that's a real pitty. No time for goodies this year. I even found no time to send off the letter I promised two months ago, although I have it ready on my desk. *sigh*

Wawa said...

Thanks Ingrid. And why worry about not having goodies? I do have a few projects up my sleeve still. It's just a matter of getting them ready myself. Another example of real life. I hope real life is being fun for you though :P

Anonymous said...

Ingrid and Wawa.....
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, Wawa! This is a gorgeous set!!!!
Hugz and Love to you both

aka Red Sonja

StephSim said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to the Smithy!

Walter, this was a labour of ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I love it. Since I'm catching up on things a bit, I wanted to send a little love your way for this wonderful set!

Thanks for sharing your crazy talent my friend.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful set, Wawa. Thank you.

~Niam_h (PBK)

Dina McClain said...

I'm using this set in my game and it's amazing. Thanks. Celticlass

Wawa said...

I'm glad you are liking it Dina! Thanks.