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September 17, 2015

Byzantine Crown - Holy Crown of Hungary Recolour

(Also shared at The PlumbBob Keep)

I tried to use some of the icons I found on the internet to make the best replica possible of the Holy Crown of Hungary. To make it completely accurate, I would've had to remap the whole mesh and then re-do it in Bodyshop. But since there have been so many downloads already, this is just easier.

 photo 5f320b5d-dde8-4387-8f6f-d3b868dcd1b5_zpslurd5jt0.png

 photo abc4516f-d23b-4ca9-b873-ad00ab7af971_zps10nzbasj.png

 photo 9cc413aa-eb52-4369-8be1-1f32be0ed701_zpsn8merfqk.png

 photo 77e23912-3952-4f6d-921c-ba499e841952_zpsktcxujea.png

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