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November 21, 2015

Swedish Castle Domes and Spires with Three Crowns.

(Also shared at The PlumbBob Keep)

Anna (Rhovanion) is building an incredible castle from medieval Sweden, Tre Kronor. She had mentioned that she didn't have a proper dome/spire with the Three Crowns so if you read the remainder of her thread, you'll notice I redid Janna's Russian Easter Church domes. I mentioned that I was thinking of remapping them to suit more recolours so I did. Plus I added several more options for domes and spires. And some have a newly created Tre Kronor weathervane! (DO NOT use the ones I posted in her thread anymore).
So without further adieu, here's my rendition of a new build set -
Swedish Castle Domes and Spires with Three Crowns.

 photo 53f184c1-3aa9-45a0-9da4-0f35a6eb4b05_zpsor8aiqit.png

 photo 66231b91-89eb-4cfc-b8eb-c8eec7ec1a90_zpswtsaru6v.png

 photo e7d87192-2381-4d91-a735-cc9cfd7bb3e1_zpswwzn9gjg.png

 photo ec8d48f0-bf2f-4596-b18d-91b45680fece_zpsw44sglgz.png

 photo 835dbb43-65c7-4ead-8771-68659916c25e_zpsczblj26w.png

 photo c66dfd26-8c74-4f66-980b-5028d668d8bc_zpshiwczxr0.png

 photo a93fbe3a-a83f-4408-8508-547b2ac6245e_zpsilc7menz.png

So, the price is 10K and you can find them in the catalog under Decorations >> Miscellaneous (right near the end). As mentioned, these are cloned/edited from Janna's Russian Easter Church Domes which she in turn cloned from Echo's rug. And to make a match, if you go into Build Mode, under Roofs will be a recolour to match the domes and spires. Not perfect but this is the first roof I've made.
Hope you enjoy a wee taste of Sweden.

Grab'em Here!

Red Sonja to the rescue!! She asked if she could fix my roof attempt. So I let the lovely lady! She is the expert on roofing recolours after all! Kindly delete mine.

Grab Red Sonja's Roof Edit Here!


Carrie Blakley said...

WOW!! Just.....WOW!! Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

Cute domes! They look so fancy!

Anonymous said...

As a Swede and a history buff, I can't tell you how happy I am to see this. :D (We're nuts about the three crown symbol in general over here, we slap it onto everything we can get away with. Even our national hockey team is called Tre Kronor.) Thank you!

Wawa said...

Glad you liked it Nixy! I had fun making them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Wawa. I will definitely need to find a use for these! thank you.

~ Niam_h (PBK)