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December 10, 2015

Hats, Hats and MOAR Baghats.

(Also shared at The PlumbBob Keep)

I found a slew of models created by an artist named Rosemaryr that were posted on ShareCG. So I am going to attempt to convert them for use in TS2.

First up, are her Baghats. They come in 3 sizes. These are fitted for both sexes from child to elder only. Remember, since we don't have sliders in this game I've tried to make them a bit large so you can use bigger hairstyles. But be forewarned, they will clip through sections of the hat.

The large baghat ingame on the adult sim.
 photo 28f99bcd-0ab6-44d9-982a-e1cb93bcbce2_zpsovgbhkrz.png

Slideshow of the other models.
wawa180859's Baghat Large album on Photobucket

The medium baghat ingame on the teen sim
 photo adbc09f4-b5d4-4a53-9194-4d0b76f7f372_zpsjwnm1non.png

Slideshow of the other models

wawa180859's Rosemaryr Renaissance Hats album on Photobucket

The small baghat on the child sim in a group picture
 photo cf452ffb-83d6-4677-9c13-21e42f63c610_zpstpi5qnn2.png

The Recolours of the Baghats in a slideshow.
wawa180859's Swatches album on Photobucket

Large Baghat, Medium Baghat and Small Baghat!

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