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July 18, 2016

I'm A Barbette Girl, In A Barbette World!

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)
Using a snippet of a veil by Cynnix here and a filet made by me there, I bring you ......
The Barbette!! With or Without Veil!

 photo smithy1_zpsfak1rocu.png

 photo smithy2_zpsitgszhgv.png
 photo smithy3_zpsprrmzqne.png
 photo smithy4_zpsej5lbpio.png

The Swatches
 photo smithy1-4_zpsmhln5zjr.png photo smithy5-8_zpsxzfm8xzz.png photo smithy9-12_zpsdxd9fdq8.png photo smithy13-16_zpsqqsjiwbh.png photo smithy17-20_zpsxlecuh8c.png photo smithy21-24_zpsxuofmuru.png photo smithy25_zpscck8xuc3.png

Download Barbette Veiled
Download Barbette - NO Veil


mortia said...

Thank you for this! I know that this was a while ago but do you know where I could find those dresses and recolors? I love them!

Wawa said...

Hi mortia.
I'm glad you like the set. The dresses and recolours are part of the Whimsy Collection I posted at the Keep.

Just scroll down to the dresses.

mortia said...

Thank you, Wawa!