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August 09, 2016

Heavy Wood & Candles

After a small hiatus, I'm back with another set of burning stuff to brighten up your great halls, draughty castles, or smoke-filled taverns. The set includes two hanging lights (the included recolour makes them 2-floor high), a wall lamp, a candle holder and wall covering (as pictured) with matching floor (not pictured). Though it would have made sense to make the lights Parent/Child, I haven't. I'm not a fan of the repository method because it sets limits to individual recolours. Apart from that, I hope you will enjoy my newly forged stuff. Basegame compatible. Found under Lighting for 80 and 244 Simoleans.


StephSim said...

I love this collection, Ingrid! ♥‿♥

Your creations are truly inspiring, as many of your shared objects can easily be placed in almost any time period. I appreciate the care you give to your objects and the things you choose to share cannot be found elsewhere. For all you've given and shared with the Sims 2 Community, I thank you sincerely.

Amy said...

Beautiful as always! Thank you!

Evelyn said...

Boah ! Niiice! I need those badly! Danke Ingrid.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely, Ingrid. Perfect for my Anglo-Saxons, should I ever open up their neighbourhood again. Thank you very much.
~ Niamh (PBK)