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February 20, 2017

The Federal Suite

(Participation Prize for the "Winter Holidaze" event hosted at the Keep by rugratOne!).
I thought I may as well share this now with everyone, as a way to give the Smithy a new update! It was disheartening to see the same one published at Christmas every time I would check in on things here! LOL.
Michelle@MTS had made some alterations to the Federal Bed converted by TheNinthWave. I had mentioned to her that I should try to make a whole suite so I did. Using bits and pieces I put together a full furniture set with recolours of course!
 photo 92d891e8-f5d5-43f5-b383-ab65c22e7beb_zpsrh9pehou.png  photo 29cace16-cc63-44fa-b6e0-9c3ff2c2f4a3_zpsagaa3aja.png  photo 43e50970-c615-4eec-898f-59e3c827f449_zpswkxjuiti.png  photo 5de3635d-e337-4d40-8ef0-edbc44f52854_zpslh8lgidk.png  photo 6e2e6512-dd49-4719-b0d9-2c4e35f1e987_zpsaklnumxn.png
And the swatches representing the recolours. The great thing about this set is all the pieces use the same texture as the bed, so you can make your own recolours easily if you wish.
 photo bedfederal-2B_zpsvrwacmjh.png  photo bedfederal-1B_zpswvual30d.png  photo brisance_zpsnhphtscz.png photo custard_zps2neszo2j.png  photo chestnut_zpsjixgodyx.png  photo caramel_zpsib0ylb3w.png photo comburent_zpsro7tcjp3.png

I hope you will enjoy these in your game. But a favour? Go to both Michelle's link and Jon's link and give them both a huge Thanks for putting their creations out there for us to use.
Download the Federal Suite

1 comment:

Winter said...

Lovely work as always, Wawa! Thank you for your hard work and generosity :)