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February 13, 2018

The Emperor's New Clothes

Some time ago, Franz had requested a certain uniform for his Sim. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up creating a whole wardrobe for him instead. So I hope you enjoy the Emperor's new clothes, Franz. I think your Franz Joseph I of Austria would look splendid in them in your game, or whoever needs to look dashing in uniform.
I used the adult male and elder male meshes created by NixNivis in her Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager Dress Uniforms and Rank Insignia set. I have included the meshes in my zipfiles. I hope NixNivis won't mind. Make sure you stop by that link and say Thanks for the mesh though! heehee
And one can't make a uniform without the hats that Franz Joseph might have worn. So I converted over some meshes from the Mount & Blade: Warband mod by Quintillius -- "Europe 1805 II - War of the Third Coalition", I put together a few of those fantastic hats from that module.
This project is going to be picture heavy so I thought I'd just post the Album for you to browse through.

Emperor's New Clothes

The uniform has 5 sets of textured tunics. For each tunic, there is a choice of black pants or red pants. The tunics are a plain one, one with the Order Collar of the Golden Fleece, a braided dress tunic, a dress tunic with orders, and lastly a braided tunic with orders and the riband/star for the Order of Maria Teresa. For the headwear, it is wearable from male teens to elders. You get a bicorne with 4 different feather colours, 6 different coloured shakos, plus the 6 shakos with various coloured feather options. Plenty to choose from.

Find all the downloads in my Franz Joseph file at SimsFileShare. Grab them Here! (Note: This is the corrected link that includes the fixed mesh for the shako with feathers). I hope you enjoy them. Next up, uniforms for your teens. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Good Grief, Man! This set is magnificent!
So, how well could I smuggle these into an 19th century wild west town that's more like Alien VS Cowboys steampunk-ish? Think it might work? The formal uniform with all the bells and whistles for the dirigible captain?;-)

How it's worked out,... Thank You! These are great.

aka Michael

Anonymous said...

Of course Nix doesn't mind! :D I'm thrilled somebody has found use for this old mesh of mine. And you've put it to excellent use, too - your uniforms are gorgeous! I need to find a way to work them into one (or more) of my 'hoods somehow. Visiting royalty from foreign lands for my medieval 'hood, maybe? Or an alien ambassador for my Trek 'hood. Well, I'll think of something, because I have to have these. Thank you for sharing!

ocelotekatl said...

These are very cool, Wawa. Absolutely agree with Nix; these are perfect outfits for dignitaries and ambassadors. Thank you!