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July 29, 2012

July 27, 2012

July 15, 2012

Wolves' Cry - A Tale from Gwalchmai

I thought it was about time to introduce to you and beat the drum for one of my favourite Sims stories. By now, you can read through thirteen chapters, all beautifully written by Herr Burgermeister. I won't go into the story itself, only that it's set in the period of the Norman Invasion and if you have a love for lyrics and poems, nice pictures, interesting characters and an elaborately written tale, you must go for and bookmark "Wolves' Cry - A Tale from Gwalchmai". (Btw, I overheard, that authors love comments!)

July 14, 2012


I found a crossbow on the web and converted it for the game. 
You get two versions - a wall object and one to be placed on surfaces. 
Found under Deco > Wall Hangings, or Deco > Miscellaneous for 300 S.
Basegame compatible. Polycount: 574. Credits to the original maker.

July 08, 2012

The Old Abbey

I know it's been awhile, but technically I'm "retired", but I felt like this lot was special and I had to share it. This newer lot has been inspired by architecture in some of the warmer climates, rather than the British Isles like my older lots. This is an old abbey in Southern France which has seen some better days- ever since the upper clergy were excommunicated for heresy it has remained abandoned for some time.
The monks once grew wine here and ate much better than the locals, but now the property is being sold, so it's available for your sims to purchase. I think this lot would make a great vacation home, or perhaps you can use it for your new monks of a different order. It features garden perfect for growing wine and veggies, a large kitchen and great hall, and several large bedrooms.

This lot requires all expansion packs, and has more custom content than I usually use but as usual it's sparsely decorated. Everything is from free sites- including some of the wonderful custom content by the folks here and at Plumb Bob Keep, Sims Design Avenue, Buggybooz, GOS. DOWNLOAD and Enjoy

July 01, 2012

Conry, Bleddyn, Faolan

A set of two walls and three floorings. 
"Conry" wall and door come two-tiled each and are filed under Panels.
"Bleddyn" and "Faolan" floors can be found under Wood Floors.

Apothecary Set

Apothecary cabinet (plus 1 recolour) and three wood cannisters (closed, opened, small). You can find both under Sculptures > Miscellaneous; Cabinet for 300$ and Cannisters for 20$. Basegame compatible.
Polycount Cabinet: 822
Polycount Cannisters: 1010 and 1390 (wee bit highpoly)
The cabinet shelves are empty, you can use julsfels's OMSPs to place objects on them.