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April 11, 2019

Dribs and Drabs ... or Just More Stuffs

For the months of February and March, the Keep was hosting its 8th Anniversary. I thought I'd share some of the gifts I made here for those that may not visit the Keep. A setback has been prevalent for many months now regarding borkage of my game. It keeps crashing and no matter how hard I've searched for answers, nothing is working. So out of the kindness of her heart, LadySilverwolf (Sol) has been kind enough to test things ingame and take pictures for me to use. Thanks Sol! It is greatly appreciated. I figure, if no one minds, that I would keep working on things I have waiting in my Work In Progress file. It is rather extensive. LOL
The first thing is a series of statues that I created from meshes posted at SketchFab. It is a continuation from the set I had published previously here. I have a whole folder waiting to convert for the game. Most of the statuary is under 2 stories.

March 18, 2019

Lionwood Architectural Elements.

It was requested in a comment that I post the Lionwood recolours of various meshes I had published at BlackPearl Sims all those years ago. I hope I have everything put together properly Dina. Following are some pictures of the items. Meshes are by various creators such as Marina, Maylin, Cyclonesue to name a few. The meshes have been included into the zipfiles. As I said, I hope I have them all there. Any other recolours will be a EA/Maxis object.

 photo snapshot_00000007_591ae9bc.jpg photo snapshot_00000007_791ad4dc.jpg photo snapshot_00000007_191ae96f.jpg photo DanielDoorandArchway-1.jpg photo MaylinCeilingBeams.jpg photo HeyNonnyDoorandArchway.jpg photo edited-image_zps3k5muxqj.png photo GothicWindow2-cyclonesue.jpg


NOTE: the column meshes for Buildset I are in Buildset II ...... Oooops!

December 25, 2018

Vivienne's Vestments for All Ages .... well, except Toddlers.

I had originally planned to upload this last year at this time, but RL got in the way. Better late than never, eh?! The robes are by Mia86 @ MTS. I have them included in the separate zipfiles for downloading. The meshes are: AF long robe, AM long robe, CU graduation robe, TF long robe and TM long robe. Both the adult meshes have elder and young adult available for wear. I have made them wearable as Everyday, Formal and Outdoor.
The headdress is an extracted mesh by Padme4000 at DeviantArt. The mesh is included with the recolours wearable by both sexes, Toddler to Elder. I haven't taken pictures of each outfit but the last 4 sets. The other images are just swatches of the Orlesian hennin and the Wizard Robes.
In some of the images you may see hair being worn by the Sims. Ideally, you would want a bald head but if you must have your Sims wearing a hairstyle, it will clip through the Orlesian Hennin. Almighty Hat has a great bald hair, called Bald Of Awesome at her site. I hope you might enjoy them.

And Merry Christmas Everyone

As you can see, they are wearable by child to Elder (Young Adult not shown).

The Album for the Orlesian Hennin Swatches
The Album for the Wizard Robe Swatches
Download Album -- Vivienne Vestments

December 11, 2018

The Marble Gardens.

Also uploaded at The Keep.

Long time no see! Not that I haven't wanted to upload new stuff, my game has been rather "sensitive" of late. What's appropriate for this day's upload is Rugs, from the Keep, took the pictures for me .... and it's her birthday today!! Happy Happy Honey!!
So, I've been downloading like crazy, all these 3D statue models from SketchFab, Scan My World and bought from CG Traders to name a few. Using Blender, I've tried to scale them down to something that still resembles the original without losing it's "look" if you will. Some are still rather high polycounts for a single tile object meaning the one story statues, while the 2 story statues are built on 2tiles (Nike of Samothrace) or 4 tiles. It's up to you if you wish to download them or not. For each of them, the one story statue is the master mesh while the 2 story statues use the same texture reference. That means you need both in your Downloads folder.
So, the pictures! Thanks for taking them Rugs.

Winged Angels -- 1380 polys

July 27, 2018

Fire Bowl "Horsa"

Here's a small addition to my "Percyvell & Horsa" set. This fire bowl keeps burning once you've hit the Play button. Polycount 1528, found under Decoration > Sculptures for 111 $. Alternative textures included.