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September 09, 2016

Grand Prince Monomakh's Cap

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)
One of the coronation crowns of the Tsars, a cap made for Vladimir II Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kievan Rus.  photo 3_zpse4diprsw.png

July 21, 2016

Aw, Shucks!! A Clam Hennin.

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)
Using and tweaking the mesh created by Rosemaryr at CGTraders, our courtly ladies have another hennin to adorn their fashionable outfits with.
 photo 1_zpsungbtju8.png

July 18, 2016

I'm A Barbette Girl, In A Barbette World!

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)
Using a snippet of a veil by Cynnix here and a filet made by me there, I bring you ......
The Barbette!! With or Without Veil!

 photo smithy1_zpsfak1rocu.png

May 24, 2016

Highland Hearth

Since the fire aspect plays such a vital role in medieval times, I made a free standing cooking stove with animated fire. Simply put three objects together and your castle kitchen or tavern gets that smokey, sooty atmosphere. The fire logs have 8 slots, thus you can place the kettle and other objects all over the surface. Additionally, the set includes matching walls. Basegame compatible. For convenience, all three meshes are filed under Appliances > Cooking for 600 S. Shows up on Community lots, too.