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October 18, 2016

Yo! Romeo!! Wherefore art thou!

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)

Why at the millinery, of course!
I got a new batch of meshes by Cybertenko at Renderosity that I thought would be fun for our Simmies to enjoy. They are very Italian Renaissance in my opinion, something I envision Romeo might wear. I have them enabled for toddler to elder, both sexes. A quick peek to how they look ingame.
 photo renicap1_zpsrm6ikgl6.png

October 02, 2016


Hi folks! I'm sure you all know and love the Plumb Bob Keep forum, which is dedicated to creating a historical/ fantasy themed Sims 2 game. They offer custom content for download and their help in many ways. However, there are people who haven't access, neither to the forum, nor to the goodies.
If you are one of them, usually the problem is on your end, because of your internet service provider and/ or IP address. I started a survey to find out how many you are. You can find the survey box right below the Chat box. Thanks for your participation!

September 09, 2016

Grand Prince Monomakh's Cap

(Also shared at the PlumbBob Keep)
One of the coronation crowns of the Tsars, a cap made for Vladimir II Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kievan Rus.  photo 3_zpse4diprsw.png