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Lama's Medieval Album II

You'll find the latest pictures at the bottom of this page.
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Medieval Love

The Black Moore's Inn
The Joiner & the Basketmaker
Elves Hall
Miller's Winter
Miller's Home
The Secret Hall
Market Place
Secret Romance II

Hobson's Choice
Living Community
At the Merchant's
The Banquet
Winter Ride

The Plumb Bob Inn

The Apothecary

Winter in Town

Medieval Lane
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. romanvaloppi16 October, 2010

    Is fantastic, congratulations.

  2. This is fascinating, spell-binding work! I just got lost in your screenshots. Awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you Nonni, for making me smile!

  4. Your work is amazing, congratulations. I really life the big door that is in the secret hall, could you tell me where did you get it?

  5. Hey Carlix,
    Thank you for the nice comment!
    The door is by Simsdesignavenue,
    under Themes>Church>Objects>Large Church Door.
    It's a donation item, but you can get around that by visiting the Booty. :)

  6. these pictures are fadoulus i can see that you have put a lot effort into this

  7. Anonymous08 July, 2011

    these are pretty impressive

  8. Anonymous25 July, 2011

    The album is wonderful! I´m looking impatiently for a new one :)

  9. Where did you find the unicorn statues? the orange and blue one?
    Also, will the guy in the first story be available for download? tx

  10. Hi Anonymous, the unicorn is by moirae. You can download it and the recolour at Simscave here.
    Regarding the Sim guy, I think you mean the one of "Medieval Romance"?
    I still have him and will upload him for you soon.

  11. Hello Lady Lama, long time without going through here, new pictures are wonderful, especially the banquet. Congratulations.
    Where I can get the food you see in the pictures of the banquet?

  12. ROMAN!!! Glad to see you! I know you asked Lama, but since I saw this first I thought I'd post a link to Kativip's topic page. She's the creator that put some incredible sets together. (also known as Lady Venera too).

    Her topic page with all her stuff at Garden of Shadows. Just visit each one as you are sure to find some interesting things for your game. The actual food items in the banquet pictures is here

    So. Are you going to be creating again!?! Just glad to see you are still around. Take care and don't be a stranger too much.

  13. WAWA!!!Glad to see you!
    Thank you very much for the links.
    I hope I get inspired to create something, we'll see at the moment I am accumulating downloads.Jajaja.

  14. Hi there,
    Where can we find the baskets from the basket weaver photos, especially the unfinished basket in front of the woman?

    Also, where to find the corner fireplace in the inn bedroom/suite photo?

    Much Thanks!

  15. The unfinished basket is here.
    I hope you understand, that I can't search for all links of the many baskets you see in the pics. Some are from Aroundthesims, some by nanu/ TSR.
    The fireplace is my recolour of this one, but I won't upload it.

  16. These images are making my eyes greedy for more. I love the simplicities and the intricacies and the moods come to life exactly the way they should. I wish I could visit the world you have created. Thank you for sharing. :)

    If I may, could I ask firstly which lighting mod you use, and if/where I could possibly find that gorgeous big, sprawling tree with the light green leaves in the Market Square shots?

  17. Hi, Bea! Thank you so much for your words! To answer your questions, the lighting mod I use is here and here.
    If you have problems installing it, read here.
    The tree is an extracted object (Orangutan tree) of Castaway Sims, found here.
    I tried the download link, but it's broken. Well, I might upload the tree to the Smithy then. Check back later!

  18. Beautiful, just beautiful.
    My jaw dropped when I saw the banquet, that would have my poor computer screaming at me before crashing.

    My Favourite's were, the winter scenes and the two lovers, very romantic with them sitting on the horse could he be the knight in shinning armour.

    Time and thought went into those, thank you for sharing.

  19. This is so beautiful and stunning pictures. Your are so good at it.

  20. Danke schön für die neuen Bilder! *FreudentänzchenAufführ* Ich liebe deine Bilder. Sie sind unübertroffen schön!

    Herzliche Grüße

  21. Hi Ingrid, ich muss mich Quasert anschliessen. Wundervolle Bilder, am liebsten würde ich gleich in Deine Nachbarschaft ziehen!

  22. Dankeschön, ihr Lieben! Ich freu mich, wenn das hier nicht im stillen Kämmerlein verstaubt und es den Leuten gefällt. Epo, du sprichst deutsch? Ich dachte immer, du bist aus Amiland ...

  23. Hallo Ingrid,
    nein ich arbeite und lebe nur auf Zeit im Amiland, ich bin urspruenglich aus Salzburg also ein Oesi! ;-)

  24. The new winter pictures are gorgeous Ingrid!

    I could look at them for hours.

  25. So wonderful!

  26. Amazing Ingrid!!! always your pics are gorgeous!!..You are the best storyteller I have ever see!!!!

  27. Wow,
    Your work really is amazing. It took a long time me to go through 'cos I just had to watch every pic at the time and see what there is. Awesom! And I like very much your way to edit these pictures (suddenly I would like do the same but...nah, I don't know how and I should have bigger pics in my site). Lovely work and it's always nice to come here and see what you have done :].

    I'll try to make my translator program to work at my site soon as possiple (I don't know what I'm doing wrong :D) so there might more than just pics to watch :)

  28. Hi Tyllerö,
    thank you for your nice comment!
    I don't do much with my pictures, just sharpening and/ or smoothing.
    I have Gunmod's Radiance Lighting System (at Modthesims)installed in my game, which gives it a more realistic lighting.

  29. Hi Ingrid. I've just spent a good portion of my evening oogling your beautiful pics! Can I ask where you downloaded the horses, especially the ones with the saddles? Thanks!

  30. Niamh, if you take a look on the HYCF List (see sidebar), you will find it under "Horses" and "Riding Set".


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