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  1. Dear Lady Lama
    Thanks for a truly wonderful. It has been so useful for setting up my own medieval community.
    But in your beautiful pictures you show a sim as a carpenter and I would love to make one myself, but I can't find the stuff you have used. May I politely ask where you got it? Your help would be most appriciated.

  2. Hello phroxi!
    Thank you! I'm happy you like my stuff. Went to make a shopping list for you.

    Frame wood (Premium sets>Special>Art Studio)
    Wood pile
    Wood pile
    Saws & Hammers
    Upper cabinet
    Wheels, axes
    Hatchet (BV>Basegame)

    You can get pay items for free here:

  3. Thank you so much for your big help! I will go hunt the internet now and make my litte shop. you're a huge inspiration.

  4. So awesome to find you, Lama!!!
    Missed your beautiful walls over a BPS :) (feels like Christmas, your stuff is so beautiful! So happy I found you here!)
    Anyhow,I'm downloading like a crazy person. and ran across the same problems as phroxi. Sims Design Avenue is down, and I clicked on the SDA link at PSMND....and came up with nothing. Do you think they (simsdesign)would allow you to post their meshes along with the recolors?
    These are just too amazing to let pass by. I have a few meshes of their's from years ago, but I don't think I have any of the medieval stuff. is so good to see more of your art! You are amazing!!
    Many regards, Pam (aka jasonpam)

  5. Hello Pam! Glad to see you visiting my little corner of the web. My BPS stuff was moved to the "Retired Designers" downloads section, in case you've missed it.
    Today, I added all required mesh files of SDA in my posts. Btw, they are also available at the Booty, just look under TS2 "caravan" > medieval castle theme.

  6. Hi, There is some amazing things on this blog :D Just wondering where you stand on conversions? ie converting things to sims 3. If I, or someone else wanted to would you be happy with your creations being converted?

  7. Hi James, thanks for the compliment on our stuff! As for my part, I don't want any of my creations to be converted for Sims 3 (see Terms of Use) and I call on people to respect this decision. Regarding the other blog members, you can ask them here in this thread.

  8. Hi Lady Lama!

    In the picture of your grapes that you made for us to download, I noticed that there was some other foods in the picture that would look nice in my medieval homes. Can you tell me where to get those other foods (the hanging duck, the bread, etc.)?

    Thank you very much for your great medieval creations!

  9. Hi, thanks for the kudos!
    Hanging pheasants are by evanesco HERE
    Bread is a TSM conversion by Zx_Ta, but doesn't seem available anymore. Look HERE
    Cheese on plate is from Moonsims HERE under Objects >Decorative >Kitchen.
    The stein is HERE

    Btw, have you seen the HYCF List of the Smithy, HERE

  10. Thanks for your help Lady Lama! :)

  11. Hi Lady Lama !
    Thank you very much for all that gorgeous creations !
    I saw some pictures about your medieval sims world, and I've some questions... How can you make all the people (the inhabitants, etc...) of the town dressed in medieval robes ? Have you got a special replacement file or something like that ?
    And all that downloaded files on my computers, is that gonna make the game crash ?

    Thank you very much !
    PS : Sorry if my English is a little bit bad, tell me if you don't understand !

  12. (In case you speak german, I'm German!)
    First, I don't have any medieval NPC replacements in my game. If you're looking for that, you will find some HERE

    Downloads usually don't make your game crash. You can have many thousands of files in the Downloads folder.
    -Make sure you have the required EPs installed.
    -You may experience crashes with highpoly objects, if your computer is slow.
    -Some objects may crash your game when they are corrupted/ damaged.
    It's recommended to put new downloaded CC in a special subfolder (called e.g. "Brandnew Stuff"). Then you can test the new objects in your game, to see if they work well. If there's one giving you problems, simply delete it from the folder.

  13. I am French, but thank you very much for your help Lady Lama ! 8)

  14. Fede from Italy04 December, 2012

    Dear lady Lama,
    I like very much all things you have done for Sims 2, it would be great if you could convert or create somethig for Sims 3, too.
    I would spetially have a traditional altar and an artistic confessional.
    Thank you very much

  15. Hello Fede,
    Thanks for your compliment on my stuff! However, I won't create for Sims 3 (I don't even have the game).
    Also, I won't give permission to convert my creations to Sims 3.

  16. Dear Lady Lama,

    I would like to use three pictures from your album to illistrate a flashback situation in my blog.

    I would mention your name and include a link to this blog.

    Is that alright with you?

    Thank you very much,

  17. Hi Simblib!
    You're welcome to use the images for your purposes. I always support creativity.

  18. Thank you sooo much Lady Lama and to your team! Because of you all, sims 2 has become more interesting to play.

    If you will let me ask, do you guys know about this issue since you all are so into making films in sims 2..

    I'm having a problem with the Sims 2 whenever I want to record a video.

    Here's what the error said:

    "No valid codec was found to compress video. Please see the Readme.txt for instructions on how to install or specify a different video codec. Video quality will be set to uncompressed."

    I've been playing sims 2 since 2007 and been recording videos since 2011 but I never experienced such problem like this. Since then, my video settings in Sims 2 is consistently set to "MEDIUM mode" in both size and quality. It only happened today that the video quality will be set to uncompressed which sucks up memory. I've been searching all around the internet but nothing seems to help me solve the issue. The topic is so rare. I've also installed Windows 7 Video Codec and even updated my DivX10. There's no available system restore in my laptop at this moment...

    Another thing, it only happened right after I installed 'The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack' and 'Moborobo' both in the same day. I don't know what exactly causes the problem.

    Some says that it has something to do with the VideoCapture.ini
    This is what mine has.

    0=VP61 # On2 VP6.1
    1=VP62 # On2 VP6.2
    2=VP60 # On2 VP6.0

  19. Well, the Holiday Party pack is just a stuff pack and no EP. Therefore, I cannot imagine this to be the cause.
    I absolutely have no experience with movie making, so I'm of no help here, sorry.

  20. Anonymous06 June, 2014

    Did you make this lot? :[user]=139484823&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

    If so, I politely ask where it is from. If not I want to know where it is.

  21. Hi Marko! I'm sorry, but I can't help you with this. Neither is it available on this blog, nor do I know who made it or where it can be found.

  22. Yours and the other creators objects are just wonderful! I do have a question, also. I only play the sims 3 and I am remaking the WA world France. I have been looking and looking for the type of walls you have featured here. I know you state in your specific terms that you do not want anyone converting your objects to sims 3. That being said, I was just wondering if you could make an exception for your walls? I only want to use them for personal use to decorate my town. I am a creator, too, and I promise to not reupload the conversions or include them with any lots in the future. They're just so pretty and I would love them in my game. If I can't convert a few of your walls, could you share where you found them? Whenever I try to find walls like that to actually make I come up empty-handed.

    Again, it would be so awesome if you would allow me the honor of having them in my game, but if not and you can point me in the right direction, I would understand.

    Have a great weekend! Thanks! :)

  23. Hi BCR,
    I don't know which walls you're referring to, therefore I can't direct you to any texture sources. (Tip: Doors are a great resource!) The textures and photographs I use normally undergo many steps in Photoshop and differ from the original texture. My terms of use remain fixed, therefore I won't allow conversions to Sims 3. However, what you convert for your own private use, well, do as you please. Any shared stuff will be pursued though. I know some people criticise my attitude, because they think, creators are not allowed to claim any rights towards their creations, especially when it comes to game stuff. This is not the case. When I create a mapped 3D-model from scratch, then it was me who called it into being and I may claim copyright for it. However, I agree, the case remains unclear when it comes to using and modifying other peoples textures or photographs. Since I put much effort into my walls to make them look like they do, I at least may claim them as my creations as well.

  24. Hi Lama!

    I was wondering if you still might have a wallpaper I'm interested in. It has books,and files, behind a metal bar on shelves? I apologize for asking here, but I had no other way to contact you. Thanks so much! Feel free to e-mail me <3

  25. Hi Carrie,
    I'm planning to upload all my BPS walls to The Rampant Garden. Until then, you can download the wanted walls HERE.

  26. Hi Lama I was wondering if you can convert these Buttresses (Part 2) into sims 3 along with enabling them to change materials please... I want to build a lot that resembles New Orleans church.. thank in advance.. and love your work

  27. Hi,
    all my stuff was created for Sims 2 to support this game. Any conversions to Sims 3 or Sims 4 are not permitted.

  28. Did anyone ever RC your medieval alcove? I know I've seen someone using a white one but now I cannot for the life of me find it!

  29. I made two alcoves, so which one of them do you mean?

  30. Dear Lady, I saw an old post where you had converted a fountain inside a tall gazebo with a round roof. However, the link to download the fountain showed a blank page saying the content couldn't be found. That fountain is quite beautiful and can fit in any historical time. Will you be re-posting that lovely fountain in the future?

  31. I think it was by Roman, who once posted it on this site. I had to remove his stuff because people were complaining about experiencing problems/ bugs with his CC.

  32. Dear Lady Lama,

    Thank you so much for all the amazing creations you make and share!! I recently started playing the Sims 2 again and came upon this blog in the last month or so - it is such a treasure! I just wanted ask if you have the link for the wooden log wallpaper you used in your "Sloping Posts for Viking Houses" post?

  33. Lama, I haven't played the Sims 2 since Wawa departed. But I have been playing the Sims 4. There are some nice things now for historical worlds. Are you possibly playing Sims 4? If not (and if I learn how) would I be allowed to convert things by you and Wawa for Sims 4? It's not easy finding decent old world items out there. I hope you are well. (Celticlass)

  34. Please remove my button from the sidebar. Thanks.

  35. Lama, I am Ginnie, of Saving the Sims. My question isn't about TMS, but about your BPS files. Are they here or may I upload those to Sims Cave/SFS as I am doing for other BPS files? You may contact me at Sim Pearls or using my Yahoo schoepfvirginia account. TY.

  36. Hi Darlin, just wondering how you were doing. I started playing the Sims 2 again after a year of working on my new house, and naturally I thought of you. Sending you love wherever you may be and whatever you are doing. Feel free to drop by the keep and say hello. I'm not there much but I will get your message. <3 Amy (child_of_air)

  37. Gutentag, Lady Lama! I am hoping you receive this post. I have been away from medieval Simming for some time now. (Long story) But after trying to reach the Smithy for the last few weeks I have been constantly blocked by the library's fortiguard programe. One of the libriarians used their passcommand to get me to your site, but every time I tried to go to a specific category (Floors, for instance) it would block the site all over again. I am letting you know about this because I don't know if I am being blocked because the librarys programe is causing the problem or if it's a site problem. Perhaps you could look into this? I unfortunatly have no internet connection at my home; all my dl'ing for the Sims is done at the library. Hope this can be fixed, if you wish to contact me you can PM me at Mod the Sims- profile greywolf3. I hope you are well and , as always, happy Simming!


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