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August 07, 2020

Hi, folks! Lately, there have been several requests regarding converting to Sims 4. Since Sims 2 is the only game I've ever played, the things I made for it were meant for Sims 2. I own copyright for the 3 D models I made from scratch, the mapping and texturing, which are contained in the packages. I decided to share with you freely. So, when I want this stuff for Sims 2 only, don't you agree it's okay? I once was in the situation, when I wanted this and that for my game. True creativity always comes from a want. So I started to read tutorials, made my first recolours and later, tried my hands on my first mesh. I can only recommend to you, to start this process, because it's really satisfying. Doing your own stuff is the real thing! People nowadays love to take the easy way by just converting, but this won't kindle your creativity and will hinder your personal developement. Show us what you have in store! Get inspired! Each creator has developed her/ his own unique style. That's why you find so much different stuff in the community. (You don't need expensive programs - I use simple stuff like Wings 3D, Photoshop 7 (!), PhotoScape.)

January 22, 2020

Farewell, Wawa

Hermann Hesse: "Stufen". Translated and published by Richard and Clara Winston, 1990.

September 20, 2019

More Frivolous Statues

Using the meshes available at SketchFab and Scan The World, here's a few more statues for those palace hallways, museums or outdoor gardens. Most are 4 tiles standing 2 stories tall. The numbers after the names indicated the polycounts for each. I hope you enjoy decorating with them. A few more items finished from the Works-In-Progress files.

Download at SimsFileShare

September 15, 2019

Manor Regency Suite

I had found a sofa mesh at and used it as the base for a new furniture set that I'm calling The Manor Regency Suite
. The meshes have a master mesh, the sofa, while the rest of the meshes are slaved to it for their textures. The bed has a recolourable set for the bedding.

September 12, 2019

Tapestries from the Royal Collection -- The Story of Abraham Series

Quoted from The Royal Collection:
Tapestry subjects ranged from the mythological and religious to the decorative, allegorical and heraldic. The scenes in this series may have appealed to Henry VIII (1491–1547) because of his own political concerns. Taken from the biblical book of Genesis, the panels include God's appearance to Abraham to establish a covenant of blessing. Henry might have referred to this to strengthen his own claim to God-given rule after the Break with Rome in the 1530s. The circumcision of Abraham's long-awaited son, Isaac, would also have resonated with the king's increasingly desperate attempts to provide a male heir.

The Royal Collection set is woven in expensive gilt thread, which suggests that it was commissioned by Henry himself. During the king's lifetime the tapestries were hung at Hampton Court Palace, and when the series was valued by the Interregnum government 100 years later, it was priced at £8260. This astonishing sum was far greater than for any other work of art, highlighting the elevated position occupied by tapestries in this period.

Panels from the series were hung in Westminster Abbey for the coronations of Elizabeth I, in 1559, and the Stuart monarchs in the seventeenth century. Under William III (1650-1702), some of the series furnished the new king's apartments. The fact that tapestries 150 years old, rather than a newly commissioned set, were used for the King's Bedchamber clearly indicates their continued magnificence and power as emblems of the Tudor dynasty.

Before showing the pictures from the series, I made a new edited mesh from SimsWardrobe. The mesh is 5 tiles long and 2 stories high, since the tapestries created for royalty were meant to be in large spaces to showcase the majesty of the monarch. The mesh is titled "Audience with the Queen". It is needed for the Abraham Series to show up in the catalog.