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August 12, 2019

Set "Merudin"

Hi, all! It's been a while since my last post - no opportunities for creating. Therefore, this set took me ages to finish, though I had planned to add more items to it. So, here's new stuff for your apothecary, but also medieval kitchens. The cabinet comes with 11 slots (based on Buggybooz's "Marion Shelving"). A fancy sidetable, chair, bottles (all with recolours) and floor covers complement the set. Collection file is included with the download.

May 08, 2019

Fixed Link : SimArchitect's Lyre Arm Settee (Edited / Updated)

So, this is embarrassing! Ooops.
I uploaded this item six years ago, and it is only today that someone out of almost 1500 people mentioned that the links were the same. Which is odd because 19 people got the correct link. Not sure what happened but obviously I was brain-dead at the time. The link is fixed now so the recolours should show ingame.
 photo 42f8e941-8855-40b1-8f60-3708ed0b6ee4_zps69bf4728.jpg
See the original post here.

May 03, 2019

Seating a la Antoinette -- Link Fixed!

At least that's what I'm calling these furniture pieces that I extracted from the game Oblivion. The chair and sofa are modified meshes plus a new mesh utilizing the sofa to create a loveseat. I had shared these at the Keep for the 8th Anniversary. I thought it might be time to share here too. They have been picked over and tested meticulously by Sol (LadySilverwolf) with new corrections until I hope they are now complete. Thanks Sol!! Without further adieu, here's what I did with them.

April 11, 2019

Dribs and Drabs ... or Just More Stuffs

For the months of February and March, the Keep was hosting its 8th Anniversary. I thought I'd share some of the gifts I made here for those that may not visit the Keep. A setback has been prevalent for many months now regarding borkage of my game. It keeps crashing and no matter how hard I've searched for answers, nothing is working. So out of the kindness of her heart, LadySilverwolf (Sol) has been kind enough to test things ingame and take pictures for me to use. Thanks Sol! It is greatly appreciated. I figure, if no one minds, that I would keep working on things I have waiting in my Work In Progress file. It is rather extensive. LOL
The first thing is a series of statues that I created from meshes posted at SketchFab. It is a continuation from the set I had published previously here. I have a whole folder waiting to convert for the game. Most of the statuary is under 2 stories.

March 18, 2019

Lionwood Architectural Elements.

It was requested in a comment that I post the Lionwood recolours of various meshes I had published at BlackPearl Sims all those years ago. I hope I have everything put together properly Dina. Following are some pictures of the items. Meshes are by various creators such as Marina, Maylin, Cyclonesue to name a few. The meshes have been included into the zipfiles. As I said, I hope I have them all there. Any other recolours will be a EA/Maxis object.

 photo snapshot_00000007_591ae9bc.jpg photo snapshot_00000007_791ad4dc.jpg photo snapshot_00000007_191ae96f.jpg photo DanielDoorandArchway-1.jpg photo MaylinCeilingBeams.jpg photo HeyNonnyDoorandArchway.jpg photo edited-image_zps3k5muxqj.png photo GothicWindow2-cyclonesue.jpg


NOTE: the column meshes for Buildset I are in Buildset II ...... Oooops!