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August 23, 2019

Bonaparte Suite Wallpapers

Inspired from miniature portraits of various people that were influential in Napoleon Bonaparte's life. They are mounted on a gold wallpaper of bees and a blue wallpaper of bees. Found in Build >> Walls >> Wallpaper for 5 Simoleons. Again, a Collection File has been created for both the blue and gold wallpaper textures.

Bonaparte Suite with Blue Wallpaper

Bonaparte Suite with Golden Wallpaper

Download At SimsFileShare

I hope you enjoy them. Just a few more wallsets to post then onto the furniture.

August 22, 2019

Claude Lorrain Walls

Claude Lorrain is a French painter specializing in landscapes. I thought some of them would be fun to put into a series of walls. These landscapes are based on Cleopatra embarking on a voyage.

Download Link at SimsFileShare
Comes with a Collections file for easier use in the Catalog

Courtly Love Walls

These walls are from a tapestry group that I thought would make a nice edition to your manors, castles, palaces or whatever your heart desires. Found under Build >> Walls >> Poured -- for 5 Simoleons.

Download link at SimsFileShare
Comes with a Collection file and Icon file to add to your Downloads >> Collections folder while installing the wall files to your Downloads folder.
I hope you enjoy them.

Wow! Nine Years of Awesomeness

Sunday, August 18th marked the day of my 60th birthday. But more important than that, it is the reminder that it was 9 years ago on that day Ingrid (Lady Lama) created the Medieval Smithy for her to upload her wonderful creations. And she asked me to tag along for the ride! I was totally honoured that she thought I was worthy of showcasing my creations here too.
So in the spirit of the 9 years of Awesomeness, I thought I'd start introducing the many projects that had been on hold until I got my game working again. Thank You Sol (Lady Silverwolf) for your fantastic tutorial. It has been my saving grace.
To keep in the theme of the very first uploads Ingrid posted, I thought I would present my undertaking of new walls. It has been a labour of Love for me. The images are from the Book of Hours of Frederick of Aragon. What better artwork to depict the glorious colours of the times back then. The walls are created into sets. Each wall in the set has 3 parts -- a&b - c&d - plain. To make it all easier to use, I created Collection files for each wall set. And this is the icon I used for the collection files. Suitable for your palaces, castles, manors, cathedrals, churches .... where ever you want.

As an example of a wall set, here's Set 1.

Here's a few more walls to tease you into looking at the full album. *there are 59 sets after all .... heeheehee

Link to the full Album of Walls Ingame

And for your convenience, the SimsFileShare link. You can download each set individually or as an All-In-One. The individual sets contain an Icon folder to add to your Downloads>>Collections, a Collection .package file to add to the Collection folder and the Wall Set .package file to add to your Downloads folder. For finding them in the Build Catalog, look under Panels for 5 Simoleons. For easier placement, I'd use the collection files.
Now, to get the tapestries, furniture, statues and more walls ready to upload. It's gonna be Awesomeness! Happy Anniversary Ingrid! And to all of you that come to the Smithy.

August 12, 2019

Set "Merudin"

Hi, all! It's been a while since my last post - no opportunities for creating. Therefore, this set took me ages to finish, though I had planned to add more items to it. So, here's new stuff for your apothecary, but also medieval kitchens. The cabinet comes with 11 slots (based on Buggybooz's "Marion Shelving"). A fancy sidetable, chair, bottles (all with recolours) and floor covers complement the set. Collection file is included with the download.