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August 29, 2010

A Knight's Honour

The Guru of Gypsum -- Lady Lama
has invited me to share in posting recolours that I may undertake in her Medieval Smithy. Ya know .... forging those medieval objects that we crave to burden our poor CC download folders with. So to celebrate the beginnings of a new medieval blog, I bring to you A Knight's Honour.
Photobucket Photobucket A Knight's Armour, Knight's Banner, Knight's Shield and Sword composes the set with various blasons of English, French and German coats of arms. The meshes used are: Boblishman's flag, Sims Connection's FSMCD Knight Holding, and the Great Lord So-and-So's Shield and Sword from the Castle set at the Sims Store. (Huge Thanks to Huge Lunatic and Helle at Sims2Artists in fixing the Knight Holding mesh. If you have the Sim History Part 1 from Sims Connection, please let the included mesh overwrite the original.)
Boblishman's Flag:
Castle Set from The Sims.Ea Store: . or from MATY:,13036.0.html. Scroll down the first page to the link -- Castle Set.
Meshes for the Knight's armour and the Great Lord So-And-So's Shield are included in the Knight Holding Fixed Mesh link below.
The Download links are available in 2 versions. Since the Knights Honour Series consists of 87 sets, I have broken it down alphabetically ... or an all-in-one file. Each of the files includes the .png images for each piece so you can determine which to keep or delete. Slideshow of the various banner images.
Full Set (the entire series A-W):
Or for those with a slower internet, I've broken the above into smaller files.
Sets A-B:
Sets C-F:
Sets G-K:
Sets L-N:
Sets P-W:
Knight Holding Mesh Fixed: (You'll need to download this file as it contains the fixed Knight's armour mesh and includes the shield mesh from the castle set.)
I hope you'll enjoy festooning your Medieval Banquet Halls or Jousting Fields or Throne Rooms .... or whatever with A Knight's Honour!
(Note: I have all the games created for the Sims2, so I hope this set will work in your games if you don't.)


Anonymous said...

This is great. Has anyone recolored the knights' armor to be gray tone and a little battle worn?

Wawa said...

Hi cat Sim.

The knight's mesh is a shiny gray-tone but not battleworn in any ways. Might be something I could do with it later .... or you could if you wanted to as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great stuff you have made. I wanted to let you know that the link for set L-N says that the file has been removed..dead link.

Wawa said...


Thanks for the heads-up. It seems it's been archived at Mediafire? I can't find the links to the whole series on my account at all. LOL

I am re-uploading it.