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September 19, 2010

A Bounty of Banners with a Titch of Tapestries

Lama had mentioned "celtic" in one of her comments to me. Well, that got me googling for images/textures/templates which also led me to other artworks. So I put a few together in one tile banners, 3 tile banners and 2 story banners using The Medieval Banner Pack by Lethe_s.
The download files for each of the sets below contain the .package files, .png files and an in-game image file to make it easier to pick/choose what to keep and what not to keep. (I hope you'll want to keep them all though.)
One Tile Banners Download
Three Tile Banners Download


Anonymous said...

Wawa, I think that the download links for both the 2-story and 3-tile banners both link to the same 3-tile download.

Wawa said...

Sorry Everone! I have corrected the links.