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September 20, 2010

Cathedral Masterpieces

I had been building different cathedrals and realized that there weren't too many choices for religious paintings to add to a church's decor. So I began to "google" and happened upon the works of Giotto. I have seen these masterpieces in the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi so I began a project to put his works into our games. I bring you .... Cathedral Masterpieces ... by Giotto.
Life of St Francis - 1Life of St Francis - 2
The Life of St. Francis -- Download
The Life of Christ-- Download
The Life of Mary -- Download
You will need the meshes by Qortex at MTS2. They'll look fabulous with the walls Lama made as a gift to me -- Wawa Wall


Annamaria said...

Thank you! These paintings are amazing, I will certainly use them in my next church :D
Please can you tell me where I can find the big crucifix in the second picture? I have searched it in the "HYCF List" but I can't find it :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

funkysimsette said...

hello, where could i find the gold doors and the candles???


Wawa said...

Hi funkysimsette.

The gold doors are actually a "gate" found ingame. Not sure which EP, but if you go to the gates in the Build section, it's the rounded arch-looking gate. I'm pretty sure it has a gold option.

And for the gold candles, you can find them here. They are recolours of the Maxis Uni medieval lights.

Freya807 said...

Hey Wawa,

It appears that the last two links (for Life of Christ and Life of Mary) are not working. It says the files have been deleted. The Life of St. Francis downloaded with no problem, though. Maybe this is just a temporary issue--I'll try again later today, but I just wanted to let you know!

Wawa said...

I added new links to them Freya! Must've been deleted in a "mediafire" hiccup. :)