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September 09, 2010

Knight's Honour Part II

The Castle Set from the EA Store (or MATY) was causing Lama distress. :( She couldn't get it to load into her game, so I found another mesh for the sword & shield to recolour with the blasons. I wanted her to have a sword & shield for her game ... and we all want a Happy Lama .... don't we? And now she is!! :) I thought others may have been leery about the set as well due to missing EPs or SPs.

The sword & shield mesh is by Dr Macabre at MTS2:

I also recoloured the standing banner by JavierMC20 at MTS2:

KH-DRM Sword&Shield:


And for those that may have hesitated downloading the original with the Castle Set's sword & shield, I've separated the Armour sets and the Hanging Banner sets into their own download files.

Knight's Honour Armour ONLY: (Knight Holding Fixed Mesh included)

Knight's Honour Hanging Banners ONLY: Mesh is here:

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