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October 01, 2010

Armour for Your Gallant Knight

As the advancement in plate armour took place, the nobility began to wear embossed armour created for ceremonial duties and tournaments. The more elaborate the embossing, the wealthier the position held by the wearer. I decided to make some parade armour for our noble knights as they rescue that damsel in distress or battle the fearsome dragon .... or just wanna look good!! Utilizing the Maxis Armour (Open for Business expansion pack) and Marvine's Converted Maxis Knight , there are 20 matching pieces in the Bodybuilder Armour and the Maxis Armour.  Available in Everyday, Formal and Outerwear categories.
Following photos by Lama --- Thank You!!
The following photos depict both the BB armour and Maxis armour together that I had taken in CAS. The models used are: Julian and Stefan from Oopsie's Sims. She has some gorgeous Sims ... hubba, hubba.
Download Parade Armour
I did want to mention that the recolours aren't quite perfect. For some of the textures, the designs don't match up on the legging seams. If you can overlook that small faux paux, I hope your medieval knights enjoy a little bit of dress-up.


Oopsie said...

Hey there Wawa,
Stefan and Julian look great in your armours. Thanks for linking them. I love all the stuff here great job. I know where to come to for medieval things.
I hope to be getting back into makeing some new sims soon. RL kinda of got in the way this summer. Will keep my eye on your updates in fact I was just checking the updates tonight at Black Pearl and saw your update but didn't have the time to check out each site.


Christina said...

these are so amazing! great recolors :)

Meshy said...

I never did post a comment for this, so I had to come back and say THANKS!