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September 24, 2010

Ravenstone Castle

Ravenstone Castle is based on an original floor plan of an English Castle ruin. It was built with Nightlife, Uni, Open for Business, Pets and Seasons installed. Note: The front entrance is not usable for Simmies, create yourself a backdoor :) Also, you will find a gap in the outer wall to get some light into the inner ward. Don't close it.

Meshes included by permission:
Straw roof by Ermelind at Sims2Collage
Viking fence by Ermelind at Patchworksims
Wall Panel by julsfels at Feenwald
Wall shield by Lethe at MTS
Deco chains by Olemantiker

Meshes required:
Gothic Window by Cyclonesue at TSR
Wine tavern doors & windows at WoodforSims (Winery Set)
Kitchen Fireplace at Simsdesignavenue (Themes>Medieval>Fireplaces)


Christina said...

wow. this is so authentic!! i'm going to recommend it to some friends of mine who are big on the medieval theme :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for this beautiful lot, it's just gorgeous ! =)
I've downloaded it as soon as I saw it !
But I've a little problem with this lot, and I wanted to ask you some help... =S
Here is the problem : the floor of the drawbridge (named "Wall Panel", I think,but I'm not sure...) is blue. I think it's a problem with the CEP, but I don't know how to resolve this problem...
Can you help me ?
Thank you =)
PS : I've all the expansions required.

Lama said...

Hi Anonymous, sorry for my late reply, but I had no internet for quite a while. The drawbridge is an object called Wall Panel by julsfels HERE. I rotated it with an Angle OMSP.
Make sure to have the latest CEP version installed!
Get it HERE

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much,Lady Lama ! =)
It worked !

Lama said...

I'm always glad when problems got solved so easily.