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September 18, 2010

Three Medieval Bedroom Sets

My favourite bedroom set from SimplanX - Darken Castle - Bedroom. I found the bedside tables weren't recolourable, so I followed the tutorial written by Huge Lunatic -- Making Objects Recolourable. As mentioned in her tutorial, I have included the fixed meshes for the endtables within the downloads. Please allow these to overwrite the original meshes when you download the set from SimplanX (pay) or here.
Gilded Lion Bedroom Set
Medieval King Bedroom Set
Eagle Bedroom Set -- inspired by Lama's Eagle Wall


clare said...

Love your blog site, I just saw it in the saving the sims updates and was excited to find another medieval site, your bedrooms are lovely and right up my medieval sims street!
Thank you for sharing with us.

Wawa said...

Thank You for the kind comment Clare. I was so intrigued by the site you mentioned, I joined it. Real Life has gotten in the way of things at the moment, but I hope to be getting back into the Sims spirit soon.