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September 18, 2010

A Treasure Trove of Tapestries

I wanted to find some "authentic" medieval tapestries and stumbled upon the illuminated manuscript known as the Manesse Codex.   Read about it here.  It contains various illuminations of poets ranked from Holy Roman Emperors, Kings, Dukes to the Common Peasant.  A total of 127 tapestries to choose from in Six Parts. The higher the number set, the lower the rank of the individual featured in the Codex.   I have the in-game images included in each of the six parts so you can delete those you don't fancy.
You will need these meshes. This set uses the 2 tile wall banner. The Medieval Banner Pack by Lethe_s

1 comment:

Nonni said...

I do love your tapestry creations, thank you, Wawa! Hugs!