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October 17, 2010

The Medieval Bathhouse

No medieval town without its bathhouse! 
A place of community and pleasure. Eat, drink, be merry!

This lot was built with all EPs up to Seasons installed.

Included CC (according to creators policies):
Fence, Window, Column & Floor by Parsimonious
Antique Tester Bed by SimAges (closed!)
Medieval Table by Wallsims (closed!)
Fireplace by Jasmine at Simsinparis (closed!)
Redneck Hot Tub by HugeLunatic at MTS
Recolours by Michelle
Wall hanging by 8ksims
Floor by Matilda
Meshes required:
Wine Tavern windows & doors at Woodforsims
Bath Tub, Water pitcher & Screen of Bathroom Medieval at simsdesignavenue
Edit: Since SDA is gone, you can download the three objects here.

Please, let me know of any problems. Thank you!


Wawa said...

Fabulous .... as always Lama!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful and what a great idea! I love your work.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful. I am in awe!
Would it be possible to include SDA Bathroom Meshes? I cannot find them anywhere :(

Lama said...

@Anonymous, I've now added a download link for the missing files.
However, you can find all or most Simsdesignavenue files @ SIMSCAVE