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October 23, 2010

Sherahbim's Heart of the Forest Recolors by Meshy

Original dress by Sherahbim found here! All credit goes to her for the lovely dress & textures, I just played with it in Gimp for some more colors. Mesh Found Here, by Liz.
Please follow Sherahbim's policy (She's pretty lenient! Thanks for that!), the original is hers ALL Credit goes to her! Thank you!
5 Recolors in all, compressorized, easily labeled if you only want certain ones!


Anonymous said...

Work wonderful.

Wawa said...

Fabulous Meshy!

Anonymous said...

The black model with the dreads is beautiful. Can I get her skin and hair, or just the sim?


Meshy said...

Sure! I can upload her!

Aviyah (anonymous) said...

Omg! Awesome. Thank you! Thank you!

I eagerly await! ❤❤

By the way, I found your Facebook page and I clicked "Like".