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November 24, 2010

Apron Dress

This dress is a remix/recolor of IamLiz's Alpha-Editable Medieval Gown which has been applied to a different mesh. Choose from six colors in sizes teen through elder, as well as RenGal adult and elder. Found in the Everyday and Outerwear categories of the catalog. Meshes included.

Tiggerypum for mesh
WDS BriAnna for mesh
Cocomama for mesh
IamLiz13 for textures


Lama said...

YAY! Welcome to the Smithy, Sunni!
Glad to see you managed to do your first post.
It looks beautiful, thanks a lot!

Eva said...

Ooh, nice! Thanks Sunni!

Wawa said...

What a wonderful surprise! Welcome to the blog Sunni! Lama was rather tight-lipped about that one. hehehehe

Meshy said...

This really is a wonderful surprise! She was, wasn't she, Walter?!

Welcome! I'm so excited to see you here!

Thank you so much for these lovely dresses! Can't wait to see them in my game! Thank you!

Sunni said...

Hi everyone! I'm delighted to be included in this group with such creative people. :) I think I'm just as excited to contribute as I am to download new goodies for my hood.

Anonymous said...

Squee! New pretty dresses! Thank you, thank you, Sunni!

... Can you tell I just had time to really look this site over this morning?

helen said...

i think that great and hope that i can use them in my themed neighbourhood when i get to work lol

Marlee said...

Links are down. :(

Wawa said...

Marlee, I have fixed the download links to the outfits. Sunni moved all her stuff to a Box account after she had so much trouble with Mediafire.