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November 01, 2010

Medieval Farm

Included Free Items (by creators policies)
Athelyna Set by Maylin
Left Suburb Set by Kativip
Pirate Bay Set by Parsimonious
Trees by Aviolina
Roofs by Ermelind
Some objects from closed sites

Required Pay Items
Big Barn Set by WoodforSims
Winery Set by WoodforSims
Old English Fireplaces by Cyclonesue
Medieval Kitchen by Simsdesignavenue
Medieval Tavern Door by Windkeeper

The lot was built with all EPs up to Seasons installed.
Please let me know of any problems.


Anonymous said...

this set is beautiful, download it right now.

Meshy said...

I Love this! You have such wonderful creations! I don't think I'll ever compare!

Wawa said...

Makes me wanna move right in Lama! Lovely job.

Lama said...

Haha, seriously?
Just take a look at the bathroom, happy camper!

Wawa said...

Meh ... maybe you're right. I always hated camping :)!

Sunni said...

This is an ideal and authentic lot. The interior is stunning. I'm truly impressed by your work.