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November 18, 2010

Retail Sims Alchemy Set Recolor

Picture Spam, sorry! I didn't recolor the whole set, just the objects I thought went with my Medieval 'Hood. Please go see the original set here:
For some reason the smaller of the 2 stoves, when inside, decides to go really dark on how it's lit. Also, the Counter Tiered Filtration System, crashed my game, too bad, I really wanted to see my recolor of it! Another one I wanted to recolor but didn't was the Shelf With Bottles. Turns out it's way huge. It was too big for me, and cannot be moved with the [ ] keys. (It is 2 tiles big, set to be centered on one tile.)
This is what the stoves look like outside, see the difference how the smaller one looks inside...
Most of the textures are the original ones, just recolored. I did use the wood texture from sims2.simsdesignavenue so that it matched that Alchemy set.


Lama said...

This was overdue, lol!
I've wanted to use the set in my game, but the original textures are ... bleh! Thanks for making it useable now!
(Hope you don't mind, that I deleted the tag "Object recolour", because it would appear in the sidebar, and we would have to tag nearly every download with the label "recolour".
I want to specify our downloads more clearly. So this post is only labled with "decoration".
Btw, you don't have to label your posts. I'll do that on my admin's panel. :)

Meshy said...

Cool, I don't have to do that anymore! I always forget anyways! :D

changeling said...

You guys really need to post your updates at GoS again! I almost missed this! :(

But thank you so much, Meshy! I've told you how awesome you are, right?