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November 28, 2010

Smart Milk Replacement & Recolors

Rebecca at SimSafe2 has created a default replacement of the Smart Milk Machine that looks like a pot, which seems more appropriate for a medieval or themed game. Since the pot only came in one color (black), here are 4 more recolors: copper, cast iron, wooden barrel and stoneware. Rebecca's Smart Milk mesh is included with the recolors. Put all files into your Sims2->Downloads folder.

As for baby bottles - Choose between three recolors of the original game bottle:

OR, select to use Rebecca's bottle replacement:

*Note that each of the bottles (whether a recolor of the game bottle or Rebecca's bottle) are all default replacement items. Place only one bottle package in your Sims2->Downloads folder to use.  


Meshy said...

Boy, I go on vacation and come back to some wonderfully awesome creations! I love the Smart Milk container. I keep wanting to use it but it just looked so goofy!

Haley said...

These are 1000000x nicer than the insane smart milk from the games. I, like the other commenter, would want to use the smart milk but decide not to in my themed hoods. Poo!

I like Rebecca's replacement bottles a lot. Is there a replacement using that bottle for all game baby bottles, by chance? I would use that all the time regardless of hood themes! :)

Thank you for posting this!!

Lama said...

Haley, have you seen this "Nurse Babies Mod" (Breast Feeding)?
(Copy and paste the link.)

Sunni said...

Rebecca's bottle replaces all the baby bottles in the game regardless if you use the smart milk machine or not.

Anonymous said...


I can't believe that nearly a week has gone by before I got this into my game. Thank you so much, Sunni!

The Schminger said...

Thanks so much. Love this blog. I've been waiting for a smart milk recolour for ages.