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January 27, 2011

Amy's Sleep Country

So, this is only a small download compared to my other stuff. Child_of_air had requested some recolours of the Testerbed from the now-defunct Sim-Ages site. I've made 15 recolours to pick/choose from, so now Amy can start her own Sleep-Country emporium (for those outside of North America, that's a huge bed retail chain, heehee). The original set from Sim-Ages had included bed curtains with matching bedding, so these are included in the file with the necessary meshes. I'd like to do more (if people are wanting them) and hope to recolour the remaining objects within that suite of meshes from Sim Ages. Ya know, ... the ever so long banquet table and dining chairs, the night table and that humongous canopy and sleighbed combo.
The original set from Sim-Ages: testerbed, bed curtains and bedding
My "humble" recolours (big smirk)
Download Amy's Testerbeds
If you wanted the whole set from Sim-Ages with the table, chairs and their bed recolours, you can grab them at the Booty.


Lama said...

Your new bed recolours look really awesome ("spitzenmäßig")! Da bomb!
:) You've chosen very nice textures for them. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter!

Meshy said...

Woot! Fantastic! All these sets need some new coat of paint!

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are fabulous! I would love to see them in grey/black tones as well. In fact, I'd love to see a recoloring of all of those old sim ages objects- that would be fantastic! (The beds of course are my favorite!)

Thanks again Walter. ;)

Sunni said...

Terrific work and will definitely be used in my hood! Keep recoloring Wawa, you are doing a wonderful job!

Dinuriel said...

Yay! I use this bed all the time, so I nearly got up and did a little happy dance when I saw these. I'm sure my Sims will appreciate the added variety :)

Thanks for sharing these, Wawa :D

Lama said...

You mean, one of those "Happy Bunny Dances", Van?

Dinuriel said...

Haha, yes :)

*bunny dance*

Haybales said...

FINALLY. THANK YOU. I downloaded these beds when SimAges was still online and I have been DYING for someone to recolor them in an array of shades. As someone who has no idea how to do anything with objects in TS2, I am so so so so happy someone like you has taken the time to do some recolors/edits of these kinds of things. Bed frames might be simple, but they're important! So YAYAYAYA. Excuse me while I go explode.

Trudi kelly said...

love this set,,,just wondering what games are needed,,thanx

Lama said...

I think it only requires basegame.