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January 20, 2011

The Anglo-Saxon Princess

I've begun to start reworking older creations from my old site, The Elegant Sim, which has been defunct for several years. Although I don't have access to all of my files from that site after a drive crash, there are several that I retrieved, and a few that I thought could use a re-do.

Today I present to you the Anglo Saxon Princess, Elgiva, the sim version of the daughter of Ethelred II, (969-1016) the old Anglo-Saxon King, remembered by history as Ethelred the Unready. Nobody knows what she looked like or when she was even born, but in my mind, she looks like this. Elgiva is wearing a reworked gown from my old site on Liz's Mermaid mesh. The skintone, which is called simply, "faire" and lips are also by myself.
Hair mesh by Nuptune Suzy and textures by Pooklet, eyes by Lyran, lashes by Helaene, other makeup by Rensims and Akaloid. The pearl circlet that she wears is a recolor byBillySims, which can be found here.
I wish I could tell you more about how she was in real life, but perhaps you'll decide for yourselves. I personally enjoy the idea of playing with a sim based on a real person that little is known about. It leaves much to the imagination. Enjoy! :)


Lama said...

Okay, tried to download, but it tells me to "log in to your account" (boxnet). Guess you put the wrong link.

Meshy said...

Awesome Sim! I also get the same thing from Box. Can't wait to have her in my game! You've inspired me to upload a favorite historical person I've always loved!

Wanted to add: I hope you're going to add more recolors of that dress! If not, I hope you;ll allow me to recolor it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm definitely going to download this when the download link is corrected.

I think you're new to Box, right? Next to your file, there will be a button that says "share", if you click on it, you're giving a download link to share with us. This is from your main folder. If you click on the file first, you go to file options, share, get link to file, or you just copy the link next to "link to file" right underneath "download" and "file options".

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry about that! I guess I fail and yes, I am new. Fixing now!

Anonymous said...

Meshy, I've only made one recolor of it so far, but if you want to see more than knock yourself out! As long as I get credit, I don't mind. ;)

Meshy said...

Cool! Thank you! And of course I'll credit you!