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January 09, 2011

Knights Jousting

My last recolouring project dealing with medieval-styled paintings ... for now anyway. Now that I seem to be in "the swing of things", it's time to move onto other projects after this. So, I bring you -- The Knights Jousting. I guess you could say it's a Five-Part series, four of which use the same paintings but different sizes.
Part One uses Julsfels' meshes Antique Paintings with Frames, rectangular, wide format
which allows the paintings to be used with Part Two using Julsfels' Two Story Painting, wide format, large.
and finally will allow the paintings to be used with Part Three using Julsfels' Two Story Painting, wide format, extra large
Part Two and Three (actually two-storied paintings) are ideal for your large banquet halls, ballrooms or museum gallery hallways.

Part Four uses Justmoi's Majestic Glamour mesh and Frame recolours.
(Again, the same paintings as the slideshow ... just on a smaller scale).

Part Five uses Justmoi's Majestic Grace Mesh and her Frame Recolours
Download Parts One, Two, Three.
(Meshes included as per Julsfels' policy. Thanks Julsfels)
Download Part Four using Glamour Mesh. (Meshes not included).
Download Part Five using Majestic Grace Mesh. (Meshes not included).


Lama said...

Walter, you're in top designer mode. These recolours are just gorgeous,
thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love these, I just can't get enough of your wall hangings! Thank you for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter! Please, don't stop making paintings like these!

Wawa said...

Thanks Nikonsnow. I'm glad you like my wall hangings And, Thanks for that comment Eva. I could hug you both for that. But I thought people might get sick of me just making paintings. So, maybe I should keep making more!?!

Meshy said...

Thank you! I love these paintings!

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course you should keep making more. Especially these last two sets were amazing, I'd love it if you made more in that style!

Anonymous said...

Love these, Walter. Thank you.

~Niam_h (PBK)