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January 20, 2011

Medieval Queens

Another painting set .... because Eva said so!! (LOL). This one is entitled Medieval Queens, a series of illuminated paintings that depicted queens from antiquity. They are offered with 2 types of framing: illuminated border and red medieval-styled border.
Illuminated Border
Red Medieval-styled Border
Again, these utilize the wonderful mesh by Julsfels (link to her guestbook if ya wanted to say Thanks), so they are in three sizes - original, large and extra large (both of which are repositoried to the original mesh).
Red Medieval-styled - Original, Large
Red Medieval-styled Large and Extra Large
Illuminated - Original, Large
Illuminated - Large and Extra Large
I forgot to include the meshes in the files so you need to download Antique Painting Mesh, Antique Painting Mesh - Extra Large and Large.
And for the files themselves,
Medieval Queens - Red Border Download.
Medieval Queens - Illuminated Border Download.
I hope your Simmies enjoy! (And Big Hugs Eva for wanting more! You may have opened a can of worms because I have more Still to come! *pretend to insert smiley face here.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, I do love it when people do stuff because I said so ... LOL

They do look great Walter, and I'm glad to hear you'll be doing even more.

But I think there is a problem with your download links, as they are leading me to my own box account ...

Wawa said...

Glad ya like Eva. I "think" I corrected the links, so I hope it works this time. Mediafire and Firefox aren't playing nicely on computer lately, so I opened up that account. I'll check back later to see if it's been working.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they work now. Thanks Walter!

Lama said...

Very beautiful frames and illustrations! (We can now have different paintings for each day of the year!)
Thank you, Walter!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous, Walter! Thank you so much for the effort you put into making and sharing them. *mashes thanks button*

Anonymous said...

Wawa, I love these paintings. They are absolutely brilliant, and suit all the eras of my games, from Anglo-saxon to Medieval Fantasy of the Tudor-era. Fantastic. I was thinking of extracting the picture files with SimPE and throwing them in my paintings folder, so my artists can paint them as well. Would that be kay?

~Niam_h (PBK)

Wawa said...

Niam_h, you may do whatever you wish with the paintings. I found them at the British Library I believe. They are from the illuminated manuscripts there. And that is a clever idea, having the Sim paint them as a skill on the canvas.