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January 10, 2011

Medieval Veils

Medieval Veils for Ladies: Adult, Young Adult & Elder

Hey there everyone! Since I'm not currently bogged down with finals or homework, I thought I would share something I know some of you could use. Medieval style veils! I wanted something elegant for my Anglo Saxon and Norman sims, without being too heavy, and here is the result.
These are pretty simplistic, and although Celebrations is required, you don't need an additional mesh. I essentially just fiddled around with the alpha and recolored the results. For every hair color there is a white veil, plus four
additional veils in blue, green, magenta and red. Unwanted ages have been removed and files have been binned as well.
I have been working on lots of things and hope to find more time to actually prepare my creations and upload them!
To download these veils, click on the link at the top and follow the directions for the public servers. I know some people have difficulty with file planet, but mediafire is loaded with spyware, therefore I try to avoid it at all costs.
Enjoy ! :)


Lama said...

Welcome back, Amy, and you brought us some awesome stuff!
Is the "Celebrations" pack the one with the Christmas and New Year stuff? I think there's an older and a newer version, will they both work for I think you used a special hair?
Mine is from 2006.

Anonymous said...

VEILS! Oh, my goodness, veils! Veils in multiple hair colors! *does happy dance* Thank you, child_of_air!

Lama, I think the Celebrations pack is a different one -- it has party and wedding stuff. Mostly wedding stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lama,

No, the one with the xmas stuff is a different stuff pack. The one needed for these veils has all the party things in it, and the party dresses. I'm not sure if it has a different name in German?

Meshy said...

Awesome! These are so simple and gorgeous! I love them! Thank you!

Lama said...

Oh, then I don't have it, but I have a wedding to do (Martine finally sent me the last two chapters of the Story of Isambour!)
Okay, no veil then.
Just beautiful hair, like God made it. :)

Wawa said...

These are incredible!! You are a genius!

Sunni said...
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Sunni said...

Oops, double post -

These look fabulous! Veils are something that has been on my to do list for quite a while. Can you tell us where those dresses are from too, they look terrific with the veils!

Anonymous said...


Those are Liz's textures on her mermaid mesh. I was testing out the mesh and seeing exactly how it worked and what it did, and that was the result. I plan to do my own textures of this mesh, as it's quite historically accurate for the early early period (more like the late dark ages, actually)and my saxon/celtic women. I adore this mesh! Like all things eventually I will get to it, lol.....