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January 17, 2011

Northumbria- The King's House of Leisure and Northumbrian Family Home

And...I'm back! With more lots belonging to my Northumbrian set, this time for your more well-to-do sims, patricians, nobility and royalty.
To the left is the King's House of Leisure. I envisioned this one as a place that the King and his family, courtiers and such would relax and retire, but not a main residence. In medieval times the King and his court would often travel from castle to castle, mainly so that the other castles could be cleaned and maintained. People would often urinate on the floor and throw food all over the place- so these lots have courtyards that are rather grungy looking. The House of Leisure is intended to be like a vacation home where perhaps they can all enjoy some feasting and dancing. However, it is not heavily defended, so it could also be suitable for a lesser lord. Although it does have two back towers where prisoners can be kept and tortured if needed. ;)
To the right is the home for the middle class, the Northumbrian Family Home. It is large and spacious, but not too opulent or grand, yet perfect for a middle sized family. Obviously it's the smaller house of the two.

Both of these lots are only sparsely furnished, with just a few key items I included so your game is not loaded down with a lot of unwanted CC. Both of these lots use:
Big Barn Build Items and Winery Build Set from WFS, the latter was once a free download but is no longer.
Bucket Toilet by Supertramp (Free)
Medieval Stove, fireplaces by Sims Design Ave
Medieval Gate by UK1967 (Free)
Pirate Bay Walls, Column by Parsimonious (Free)
Floors and Fence by Mia86 (Free)
Stone Fireplace by HolySimoly
Catacombs Wall Torch by Beosboxboy (Free at TSR)
In addition, the family home uses:
Russian Stove by Jeka (free)
Various Maxis Recolors by Piggy (free at Piggy Sims)
All the free content can be found at MTS2, except for the catacombs wall torch and the maxis recolors. (I'm assuming you all know the links to these sites.) Let me know if you have any problems with either of these lots, or wishes for other lots I can do in this series. I'm open to requests, but I DON'T do "fairytale" castles. (I go for realism folks, realism.)


Lama said...

These look quite authentic to me.
Very well done, Amy!
Could you please let us know the expansions required?
Thanks for this nice post!

felicitations said...

My royal family has been begging me for a vacation home but I haven't found the motivation to build one for them. This is the answer to their prayers! :) Lovely job!

felicitations said...

Oh, dear; it seems that the download is empty. :( Could it be just me?

Lama said...

I tried to download, but FilePlanet won't let me, saying I had to install a special program.
Amy, could you put an alternative download option on e.g. mediafire?

child_of_air said...

Sorry guys, that folder IS blank! I just set up a box account so grab the files here:

My apologies!!

niam-h said...

I just love these! The Family home is perfect for my neighborhood. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi I would love to preview these lots again but the images have been busted for ages. Many thanks : )

Lama said...

Hi Anonymous, your wish is my command and I was able to find something to replace them.