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January 02, 2011

The Virgin Queen

Don't ever let me watch historical based movies. I watched "Elizabeth" and ended up making this set of portraits of the Virgin Queen. I realize she lived after the technical dates that ended the Medieval Age -- considered to be about 1490s .... but what the heck. Besides, Lama and Julsfels thought they looked great. Again, it utilizes the wonderful Antique Paintings Mesh by Julsfels and the various styles of baroque frames that enhance her creation. (Mesh and frames included in the download with permission. Thanks Julsfels).
All together about 55 portraits .... just delete the ones you don't want!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter!

Lama said...

Busy as a beaver. You always put so much time and effort in your works, we just can't appreciate it enough!
Thank you! :)