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February 13, 2011

Castle Build Set "Oblivion"

The six textures above are part of Yuxi's Oblivion walls set called "Sanguine".
Get it here, because you will need matching walls for the following recoloured objects.

I. Six recolours of Cyclonesue's "The Curved Walls Set"
Get the meshes here
II. Six recolours of Cyclonesue's "Industrial Age Brick Plinths"
(I only recoloured two objects of the set as buttresses: Chamfer Tops, double and single)
Get the meshes here
Alternative Download

You'll find the curved wall segment under Columns,
the other parts under Miscellaneous Deco.
Credits go to Cyclonesue for allowing me to recolour her objects, 
and to Yuxi for her generous policy.


Meshy said...

I love them! Thank you!

Eva said...

Wonderful idea Ingrid! Thank you!

Wawa said...

Well ... it's official. Lama recolours! With Lama knowing how to recolour now, it'll be like opening the floodgates! LOL. Great job Ingrid. Can't wait to see more.

Darkraven said...

I literally gasped when I saw these, then I spent all morning in my game recoloring all of my towers. Yay! Thank you so much! Now you've inspired me to build more. LOL

Lama said...

Thank you, dear folks!
Haha, Walter, perhaps it's only a little creek; not sure if I really like to recolour. Then again, I can't leave it all to you, lol!
No more walls! :D

Darkraven said...

I really love these! Any chance that you might consider expanding the set to include the taller plinths? I need taller buttresses for my Battle Abbey. :) Thank you for all of the wonderful things you make!

Lama said...

Hm, now that I've learned to mesh, I could try my hands on "real" buttresses. Let's see.

Darkraven said...

That would be amazing! Here is what I need them for:
Battle Abbey and Castle Rising. The plinths will work for the castle.