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February 27, 2011

Towels, beautiful towels!

12 Recolours of "Handtücher" by thunderwitch at Blackypanther.
Meshes are included. No EPs required.
You find the towels in the catalogue under "Deco" and "Carpets".
12 Recolours of Jope's Walltowel at Simply Styling.
Mesh is included. You find it in the catalogue under Wall Deco.


Eva said...

Thanks Ingrid! You're on a roll here!

Wawa said...

These are great! I'll snag them after work.

Sunni said...

Those are the nicest towels I've seen! I love your recolors :)

Alraris said...

Great things! I got a little wcif for the vases:

1st from the right and 2nd from the left. Where can I get these?

Thanks :)

Lama said...

@Alraris: Hi! The 1st from the right is by Dincer Hepguler, get it HERE under Anatolian Civilizations (it comes with a plate, which is hidden in my picture).
The vase is by Birgit43 and included in THIS set (called india silvervase).

Alraris said...

Thank You very much :D