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March 27, 2011

Castle Walkway

Five Recolours (mix & match) of Ermelind's Castle Walkway. Get the mesh here.


Darkraven said...

These look really good! Thank you so much!

Brave Old World said...

Lama, I think you may have linked to the wrong download. The one I got said "Castle Doors."

Lama said...

Thanks for the info!
I think it's a mediafire issue, because the link was correct before.
Mediafire made some changes, now I'm afraid they could have messed up some links. Oh no! :(

Eva said...

Oh great! I was planning to do some recolours of this myself, but now I can be lazy and use yours instead! Thanks Ingrid!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Work! Thanks for sharing! The dragon with the horse manure made me smile :) Look how he tries to hide behind the tree. Where can I download him?

Lama said...

Thank you for commenting!
The dragon is from Blackypanther
Copy and paste the link!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!